A Heart of Gold

By: Tiffany Mar ’21 (Guest Writer)

Do you have a heart of gold?

Michelle Mar, a junior here at Notre Dame and a long time Girl Scout in Troop 296 has made a lasting difference for the orphaned children in Tijuana, Mexico.

Her Gold Award project started in 2016, its goal was to raise awareness for the orphans in Mexico living in substandard conditions at the US/Mexico border and help the orphanage Casa Esperanza fix their unsafe flooring. These underfunded, and otherwise neglected orphanages house thousands of abandoned children that would otherwise be living on the streets. These facilities provide the children with food, clothing, shelter and opportunities for a better life through education.

Michelle Mar ’19, hard at work raising money for Casa Esperanza.

Michelle’s purpose was to, “improve the overall quality of life for the children at Casa Esperanza by making their living space a little better”. To raise money, Michelle spent a significant amount of time selling Girl Scout cookies, recycling, hosting fundraisers at CPK, holding bake sales at school and outside school and collecting donations.

She was able to raise enough money to re-tile all the floors of an orphanage ‘Casa Esperanza’ in Tijuana, Mexico. She raised a total of $1750 for the re-tiling of the floors.

Michelle spent 90 hours calling to ask people to volunteer, soliciting stores for donations, planning, and brainstorming ideas. For the demolition she spent two weekends at the orphanage, helping the volunteers tear up old tiling and organizing the new tiling of the floors.

Her project has impacted the lives of the children in an amazing way. Michelle continues to encourage others to create cards/letters for the children, give donations (toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, mops, detergent etc.), donate money and visit the orphanage on Corazon de Vida’s monthly trips, the program where she found her inspiration for the project.

Visit Michelle’s blog that include pictures and videos from her project: http://heartoflifegold.blogspot.com/



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