A Rally to Remember

Juniors Zach Lubin and James Johnson battle against senior Ashley Onks in a real life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. (Photo by Mrs. Landinguin)

By: Christina Shirley ’18

The crowds of students cheered as their classmates took part in a variety of exciting games that ASB planned for this year’s Spring Rally.

The theme was The Game of Games, and it was truly a game-packed rally to remember.

The rally began with the procession of Notre Dame’s dedicated varsity sport athletes, the cast and crew of the Spring Musical, Fiddler on the Roof, and the robotics team. Last to enter the gym was the Girls Varsity Water Polo team, proudly holding their CIF Championship plaque!

The senior class could not contain their excitement when surprise guest Maria Thomas ‘18 broke through the paper banner and joined Mr. Thomas to co-host The Game of Games

First, it was the seniors and the freshman versus the juniors and the sophomores as the students and their favorite teachers joined in a game of Family Feud. Later, ASB brought the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos to life. And finally, the grades competed in a singing contest to their favorite songs. The seniors really showed their spirit with a rousing rendition of “Sweet Caroline” (oh! oh! oh!).

Varsity Cheer and Song also showed us their moves to some upbeat songs that got the students dancing, too.

RJ Flores ‘19 said, “I thought this year’s Spring Rally was the best rally Notre Dame has had this year. All of the grades were cheering together and it was the perfect way to show all of our school spirit.”

This was the last Notre Dame rally for the Class of 2018, and it was the perfect way for them to come together and cheer on their school one last time. 


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