ASB Election Results

By: Paige Ganim ’21 (Guest Writer)

From March 22nd to April 17th, students with the hopes of holding an ASB office worked diligently through countless numbers of meetings, poster making, speech writing and delivering, election anticipations, and meeting several qualifications to uphold the office position they desired.

Many of the candidates campaigning in the final election used clever slogans in their speeches. Freshman Madison Stein cleverly chanted, “Vote Madi Stein to make ND shine.” Newly elected Senior Class President, Sean Korey, got the crowd very excited by shouting out qualities he believes he holds true, which would make him the candidate most worthy of being president. His slogan, “Vote for me, or I will lose,” made everyone chuckle with its apparentness.


The Results:


ASB President-Dean Osborne

ASB Vice President- Celeste Clink

ASB Spirit Commissioner- Ally Wilson

ASB Treasurer- Ani Azarapetian

ASB Student Affairs- Sarah Waters

ASB Publicity- Cate Plunkett

ASB Activities- Sabrina Lemus

ASB Historian- Payton Kisiel


Class Officers

Senior Class President- Abby Cohen

Senior Class Treasurer- Stephen Franke

Junior Class President- Sean Korey

Junior Class Vice President- Camila Wilson

Junior Class Treasurer- Michelle Tsujimoto

Junior Class Spirit Commissioner-Bianca Shkolnikov

Sophomore Class President- Gavin Villalobos

Sophomore Class Vice President- Rachel Kim

Sophomore Class Treasurer- Molly Kearns


Newly elected Sophomore Class President, Gavin Villalobos, states, “[he] went in knowing [he] would be the voice of [the class] of 2021 and [is] so lucky to be the voice of an amazing group of people.”

Ultimately, all the candidates who ran learned to a great extent, displayed diligence, and had a lot of fun in the process. All of the newly elected students are committed to making Notre Dame flourish into a brighter community, and no matter what, everyone of the students will continue to do their part to benefit the school.


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