Blood the Saves

By: Blathnaid Heaney ’19

“Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood and although an estimated 38 percent of the US population is eligible to donate blood at any given time, less than 10 percent actually so each year” (Red Cross).

On Wednesday, February 21, many of the Notre Dame High School Student body became part of that ten percent.

With two Red Cross trucks parked outside the gym, many of our students prepared themselves to donate a pint and, hopefully, help save someone’s life.

This year, the Blood Drive was organized by Coach Rooney and the Athletic Department. To help spread awareness and support, many of the junior football players were recruited to advertise the event and encourage participation through classroom visits and posters.

One player, Daniel Fitzmorris ‘19,  even dressed as a drop of blood during classroom visits to encourage classmates to donate and explain the importance of such a donation. Fitzmorris said, “Blood is something we all have and everyone needs. At this time of year especially, people need blood due to limited donations during flu season.”

The advertising certainly helped. More than one hundred of our eligible Notre Dame students signed up as donors.

In order to be a donor as a high school student, the Red Cross has certain requirements that one must meet to ensure safety. Most of our donors came from the Junior and Senior class as only people seventeen years old or older, or sixteen years old with parental consent, can donate. There are also height and weight requirements. A boy taller than five feet must weight 110 lbs. A girl who is 4’11” must weight 142 lbs.

At the end of the day filled with appointment after appointment to donate blood, Notre Dame’s 93 donors were able to  provide 71 units of blood and 6 Power Reds. According to the Red Cross, our donations will save up to 213 lives!

Alex Gaytan ‘19 said, “I sadly did not meet the requirements but wanted to donate blood. I recognize how lucky I am to be healthy and, if I can, I would love to help others.”

The blood donated will now be used to help those in need of blood transfusions. Good Job Notre Dame!


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