Bye Bye Paris Accord

Countries that have joined Paris accord

The Environment’s Future at Risk

By: Blathnaid Heaney ’19 (Staff Writer)

        Global warming has been an acknowledged issue by world leaders for a while now. The United Nations, a collective meeting between the world powers, created a contract among these countries which works on preserving the carbon footprint of people and policing the production and manufacturing in countries.

         One of the most well known of these documents is the Paris Accord, also referred to as the Paris climate agreement.

         Beginning on April 22, 2016, the Paris Agreement aimed to strengthen the global response to climate change. It was signed by all but two countries with a common goal of saving the environment from climate change. Each country helped fund the full mission. The aim is to prevent the world from warming by more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels in order to save the world from the worst effects of climate change.

       The United States was once a member of the Paris Accord prior to a decision by President Donald Trump.

         On June 1, 2017, President Trump announced the United States withdrawal from the agreement. This statement lead to much controversy and surprised much of the world. President Trump based his decision of the withdrawal on future job losses due to the agreement, the economic impact on the United States, and the minimal temperature change caused by the entire mission.

            Some Notre Dame students found this to be both worrying and shocking. Bella Hill ’18 said, “Though these are factors that do need to be considered by any leader, I feel that these matter may become inconsequential due to the monumental affects of global warming. When the water level continues to drop and our air becomes so polluted that it becomes hard to breath, we won’t be worrying about our economic stability. We would be worried about our health and safety.”

       Though not yet enacted, many states, like Hawaii and California, have issued statements that pledge support to the Paris Accord. In agreement with previous President Barack Obama, these states believe that their efforts will lead to monumental change globally and result in a better environment.

        Regardless of any ruling by a political leader, it is imperative that efforts to deal with pollution and global warming continue or the future may not be so bright.  


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