Checking Horoscopes Causes More Cautious Decision Making

By Sarah O’Brien, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how checking your horoscope will affect your decision making throughout the day? For the last week, I have been following my Aquarius horoscope on I would start my morning by checking my sign and as the day would go on I would think about events that happened and if it was accurate to my horoscope’s predictions.



“Stop the engines and cool your jets today–because if you don’t slow down the pace of your life, you could zip right past something wonderful and miss out on a life-changing opportunity. Someone has been desperately trying to get your attention, but you have been so busy with other things that you haven’t noticed. They deserve a good bit of your time, even if you don’t think so. They have an important message to give you and you need to take them seriously.”

Because of my grades, I have been rushing to get schoolwork done and haven’t focused on the people around me. After reading this, I thought about an old friend of mine and reached out to her. I haven’t talked to her in so long, but we ended up meeting for lunch this day.



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“Big questions are swimming through your mind today–your subconscious is in a doubting mood, and
it’s forcing you to wonder about the status quo. You will probably start to think about a career change– but when you do, be careful not to assume that a new career will be a better career. Different monotony is still monotony, no matter what the new title may be. When you’re contemplating change, it’s important to factor in a healthy dose.”

Although I do not have a real, paying job, I consider school to be my job. A lot was going through my mind this day so even after reading this I could not remain calm. My horoscope was still relatable on this day because a lot was in my mind, but even a horoscope couldn’t relax my anxiety.


“Anything is possible today. It’s a very expansive day, and you’re more positive than you’ve felt in a long time. But today’s strong vibe of opportunity will encourage bad events just as much as positive outcomes, so be sure to stay skeptical as much as possible. Consequences are a fact of life in whatever path you choose, so make sure you do something good for you–both emotionally and physically.”

Today I had a big Chemistry test and I have never felt more confident about the test, especially after reading this. The previous night I got into trouble with my parents and I had to suffer the consequences and until I read this I was very upset with them, but after reading my horoscope I understood my punishment with a more understanding outlook.



All in all, I think that reading horoscopes is important because it helped me make more cautious and well thought out decisions. It helped me plan out my day better and think about all of the situations and gave me something to reflect on. I will continue on with my life checking my horoscope daily so I can continue a very relaxing lifestyle of decision making.



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