Dancing in the Dark

Photo By: Bridget Gehan ND Students dance the night away at the Back To School Dance

By: Andrea Karkafi ‘19 (Guest Writer)

On a starry night, groups of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors emerged into the quad and joined the lively crowd for the Back to School Dance on September 23, 2017.

For just $10, the students were able to attend the Back to School Dance and have a night of fun and friendship. The theme of the dance was Pajama Party.

Junior Celeste Clink had a blast at the dance! “I think everyone had fun wearing their pajamas, creating a cozy atmosphere on a cold night,” said Clink.

At the entrance, each individual was given a glow stick to use as a necklace or a headband. Groups of friends arrived in a variety of pajamas, from onesies to matching sets and robes! As a centerpiece on each of the tables in the quad, there were teddy bears and stars to match the theme of the dance.

Put together by Senior ASB, the dance was upbeat, and everyone had a great time dancing with their friends and roasting marshmallows. The bonfire and s’mores contributed to the ambiance of the dance. The girls and boys gathered around the campfire, bonding and dancing the night away!

The DJ played good music, from pop songs to rap songs, such as “Hey Ya!” by OutKast, “Kiwi” by Harry Styles, and “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown. Junior Cate Plunkett especially enjoyed the theme and the ambience of the dance. “The mood was definitely fun thanks to the upbeat music and crowd of students dancing up and down to the music,” said Plunkett, “It was awesome too because the moon was so pretty and it was fun to be dancing in the moonlight with some friends!”

The dance began at 8pm, lasting until 11pm, and the amount of students increased as the night went on. All throughout the night, people were partying, forming dance circles, and showing off their most impressive moves!

Thank you to all students who attended and helped make the night unforgettable!


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