Are People Preparing for Christmas too Early?

By Dani Posin, Staff Writer

As Halloween is well behind us, we’ve moved onto the month of November which celebrates family, friends, being thankful, and Christmas?  Many look forward to the festivities that the holidays bring, some starting their Christmas traditions before Halloween.  Chris Medenwald, a research analyst and marketing manager at Field Agent, said, “34% of consumers said they have completed or will complete their holiday gift-buying before Thanksgiving.”  According to Sprout Social, 54% of Twitter users have started thinking about shopping for Christmas by October, and 83% have made their first Christmas purchase by November.


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Sophomore Peyton Medlock has an opposing view on the topic. He said, “People are preparing for Christmas way too early. I see Christmas decorations on sale before it’s Halloween. It doesn’t give us the opportunity to enjoy the current holiday.”  According to USA Today, stores like Kmart and Costco start selling Christmas decorations in September.

Junior Chad Bailey agrees saying, “It is not even Thanksgiving yet, everyone is getting ready for Christmas too soon. People have started getting into the Christmas spirit since the beginning of October, let the other Holidays have a chance!”

Senior Brendan Reesing honors each holiday separately, he said, “My dad, brother, and I have a tradition where we set up the lights outside while my mom decorates the interior. This usually happening the first week in December.”

Junior Kiana Walsh, on the other hand, said, “I do not think people are preparing for Christmas too early and I don’t think anybody should judge anyone for doing so before Thanksgiving. We have the freedom to do what we want so if someone wants to hang Christmas their lights in October then so be it.”

Walsh does not stand alone, sophomore Lauren Weintraub agrees and said, “It’s never too early! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I want to experience for as long as possible during the holiday season.”

No matter when you decide to celebrate Christmas, it is important to respect the decisions of others and their holiday traditions. Celebrate when you want because the best time to begin celebrating the holidays is whenever you are ready.


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