Happy ‘Paw’lentines!

By Alex Smith, Staff Writer

February is the month of romance and love; Valentine’s Day is the day for showing the one you love that you care.


Puppy love is alive and real on this special holiday. (Caption by Erin Neil and photo by LittlePups.)

This exchange of love became an American tradition around the 1700s. Today, people often exchange cards, candy, flowers and teddy bears with their significant other as a sign of adoration. However, for many, this holiday is off-putting and the mushy-gushy display of love can cause some people to feel lonely.

If that’s you, then fear no more. The best Valentine’s are closer than you think and more accepting than any human. Your pets!

They don’t mind watching terrible movies with you and could not care less if you stuff your face. Just as long as you rub their tummy or give them a treat in return.

The best Valentines are the ones that make you laugh when your are down, that remain steady through the good and bad and oftentimes those are all of our furry friends.


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