There’s No Place like Homecoming

By Erin Neil, Co-Editor in Chief

Between the extended lunch on Wednesday, a rained-out spirit day on Friday, and the Homecoming dance on Saturday, last week was crazy at Notre Dame. Yet, despite the chaos, spirit week never fails to be one of the best weeks of the year for Notre Dame students, and this year proved no different.

To raise awareness for breast cancer research, the Kings of the Castle made Friday night’s game a “pink out.” After an exciting–and wet–spirit day at Notre Dame, students bombarded Party City to find the best pink accessories for the Homecoming Football game.

As the student section quickly filled up with everyone ready to watch the Knights take on the Crespi Celts, five senior girls were getting ready for their big night. “I was so excited to be nominated for homecoming court, especially because everyone else on court were all very kind and well-rounded people,” said Kiley Tidik, homecoming princess.

The girls Homecoming court, nominated by the senior class, consisted of Jane Feldmeier, Aspen Jones, Annika Pearson, Kiley Tidik, and Razel Zapanta. During the halftime show, Notre Dame crowned its newest queen: Aspen Jones.

After a nailbiting win against the Crespi Celts, the Knights moved onto the Homecoming dance, the next big event of the weekend. Just a few short hours after the game, ASB and tech crew were up early and setting up. From laying down the tarps to taping down the yellow brick road, there was not a detail they didn’t consider.


The homecoming king nominees stand with their elected king and queen, Derek Ruedy and Aspen Jones. (Photo by Melina Mallory and caption by Erin Neil.)

Students first entered the cafeteria, decorated like Kansas, as they went to check their jackets and bags, but as soon as they left the doors of the cafe, it was off to Oz as they followed the yellow brick road into the gym.

When the clock struck ten, it was time for the king to be crowned. Brennan Hart, member of the Homecoming court, said, “It was such an honor to be nominated. All the support I got throughout the weeks leading up to it was humbling and extremely kind.” Along with Brennan the boys court included Sam Holtze, Derek Ruedy, and Kenneth Seares who made their way towards the stage as the rest of the school pushed their way to the front of the gym to get a good view of the crowning.

With Aspen’s help, Notre Dame crowned Derek Ruedy as its Homecoming king for 2016. “I was shocked to be nominated because I never thought that it would happen to me. It was very exciting for all of us, and we were all happy to be recognized by our classmates,” said Homecoming King, Derek Ruedy.

As the night came to a close, Notre Dame students reminisced about the exciting night. “I had so much fun at homecoming dancing with my friends!” said sophomore Kennie Titus. However, as Halloween was the Monday after homecoming, a few students felt unprepared for the spooky holiday. “I had zero time to come up with a costume, but I’m not mad about it… I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends,” admitted Jenna Odell, ‘17.

After a long night, and an even longer week, Notre Dame’s 2016 Homecoming was a success. However, it’s now time to turn our attention to the holiday season as Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and Christmas music is already blasting on the radio. 


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