The New iPhone: Is it Worth it?

By Dani Posin, Staff Writer


The colors of the iPhone 7 and the new dual-lens camera. (Photo by Apple and caption by Erin Neil.)

With several new features, the iPhone 7 has smartphone users on the edge of their seat. According to Cristina Criddle from The Telegraph, the camera has improved, offering a powerful dual-lens. It is said to enhance low-lights in order to capture sharp images. The battery life lasts longer than any iPhone ever made, lasting two hours longer than the iPhone 6s. All headphones for this new phone must either be wireless or plug into the charging port, replacing the traditional headphone jack with wireless Apple Airpods which run at about $159.

Though there are new and innovative features, this iPhone costs more than any one prior. The iPhone 7 can cost up to eight hundred dollars, while the iPhone 7 Plus can reach just over nine hundred dollars.  According to Apple, it is the costly production process that makes these phones so expensive,  making one of these products costs about forty dollars more than any other iPhone”I do not think it’s worth it,” junior Natalie Krassel explained, “the phone I have now is fine so it seems unreasonable to spend hundreds of dollars on the new iPhone regardless of it’s features.”

Natalie is not alone in her opinion. “Even though a water resistant phone sounds convenient, the price is definitely not worth it. I would rather get a water proof case,” junior Joao Gonzales said.

One of the biggest upgrades, however, is that the iPhone 7 is water resistant, and can be fully immersed in water for up thirty minutes.

Sophomore Tala Bressan is excited to buy the iPhone 7 as soon as possible. “I am always getting my phone wet, so I would definitely pay for this new phone. I feel like it would save me a lot of money on repairing my phone because of water damage in the future,” she said.

According to Trusted Reviews, it is rumored that the price of the iPhone 7 will decrease in a couple months. Therefore, those unwilling empty their wallets immediately after the release, can wait a few months and buy it at a more practical price.


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