Jesse Trees are Coming to Town

Jesse Tree Art

By: Valentina Santiago ’21, Tiffany Mar ’21, Kalea Doryon ’21, and Kit Radley ’21 (Guest Writers)

O’ Jesse Tree, O’ Jesse Tree decked with ornaments that depict salvation history!

A little over a week ago, the freshmen class turned in their Jesse Tree projects. According to Mrs. Caron, “The Jesse Tree provides specific people that got entered into a covenant with the Israelites and the events that led to Christ coming into the world.”

The students were required to make twenty five ornaments that represent stories from the Bible and show creativity.

The project consisted “of 25 decorated ornaments to represent the story of the Bible … and 25 corresponding Scripture passages.” The 25 ornaments were for all the days leading up to Christmas. Some classes even made their own prayers to go along with the ornaments.


The Jesse tree’s name comes from the Bible scripture that tells the story of the Root of Jesse. The story goes that from the Root, or the trunk of the tree, symbolic for  the family of David,  there will sprout a new branch. The new branch symbolizes Jesus Christ our Lord, or the promised king connecting him to the Old Testament.


The root of Jesse symbolizes a new beginning with the promise of the Messiah, while the tree itself is a symbol of Jesus’s family tree. The students were given extra credit if they provided a tree with their ornaments in chronological order according to the history of the Bible.


Freshman Pixie Fox talks about her experience with the project, “The Jesse Tree project was very […] informative […] whether you were Jewish, Catholic, Christian […] we all still got to learn about […] the Bible and the stories. […] I personally do not believe in God but after doing this project I really have a better understanding of learning […] what God is all about and the Creation of Man.”


Each tree was accompanied by a scripture book, a compilation of scriptures that accompanied the explanation and art of each ornament. The scripture books also included prayers that asked God to help them avoid the mistakes that were written in the Bible’s stories. These prayers were reflections on individual scriptures that ask for the Lord’s help and guidance. The prayers also ask for protection, forgiveness and the Lord’s help in preventing us from making the same mistakes that are shown in the scriptures.


The Jesse Trees are to be used everyday of the month of December. The scriptures and prayers can be used as an Advent calendar. So children and adults alike can look at the different ornaments each day and read the corresponding scripture stories and prayers that go along with them. Jesse trees bring families together, and keep Catholic tradition alive.


Many students enjoyed the Jesse Tree and the creative process, while others such as freshman DJ Poyer  were challenged by “ time consuming project.”

The Jesse tree project is to help the students remember the reason for the season to celebrate Jesus!


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