ND Improv Comeback

By: Alice Aboiadjian ’20 (Guest Writer)

After months of rehearsal, ND Improv’s Alternative Acts returned for their first performances in ten years!!!

2018 Improv Team Photo by Jimmy Hall

On Wednesday, April 25th many gathered at the Black Box Theater for the Student Preview. The show began with a high energy introduction of the cast by Zyan Cagnolatti ‘19. At the start, the cast played a few games including, What are you doing?, Movie Pitch, Driving Under the Influence, Guess That Idiom, and Party Guests. For the short form improv games, the cast took suggestions from the audience that helped shape their characters.

Performer, Alaine Farin ‘20 said the games were fun and that it was a great way to explore different characters and their crazy stories. The cast showed incredible teamwork and synchronicity while seamlessly moving from bit to bit. In Driving Under the Influence, Hank Fisher ‘19 steered an imaginary car while picking up hitchhikers (other members of the cast) one at a time. Each person that climbed into the car was unique and the driver had to take on the personality of each character that sat in his car. For example, Gavin Burkhart ‘19 portrayed an aggressive, Scottish, beer-loving gentleman, who wrapped up the scene by fighting Hank Fisher. The unique and farfetched characters each cast member brought into the car had the audience cracking up.

Tech queen, Myles Karraa 21’ said, “It was fun to watch a different show each time and all the actors were really funny.” They showed incredible teamwork and synchronicity while seamlessly moving from bit to bit.  

“I thought the chemistry between the cast was super close…We bonded super fast!”, Autumn Morgan ‘21. After the short form games the cast wrapped up the show with a Herald, which is a long form of improv in which the actors had to develop characters from a given word. One rendition of  Herald involved robots, the president, protesters, and a zebra.

The show was filled with great jokes, outrageous characters, and a really fun cast. The cast had the audience laughing so hard they were falling out of your seat laughing.

The Cast & Crew

Gavin Burkhart ‘19

Hank Fisher ‘19

Julia Mueller ‘19

Claire Biggs ‘19

Sarah Metz ‘21

Autumn Morgan ‘21

Sam Abunassar ‘21

Daniella Lake ‘20

Savannah Miller ‘20

Alaine Farin ‘20

Myles Karraa ‘21

Zayn Cagnolatti ‘19

Danielle Tedesco ‘21

Mr. Lawrence


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