On the catwalk: strutting through the decades

By: Andrea Karkafi ’19 (Guest Writer)

The senior class of 2018 performs their dance for the audience!

The skirts swirling, the lights flashing, the music playing, the senior class dancing…

As a tribute to the senior moms at Notre Dame who have participated in Mother’s Guild for over 3 years, the Guild presented its Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show this weekend on April 14 at the Sheraton Hotel. The theme for this year’s event was “A Knight of Music”, with music from the past. After ten months of planning and two months of practicing, the show was a success!

The Holy Cross Mothers Guild, formerly the Altar Society of Notre Dame High School, was founded in 1956. It was created to work directly in support of the school’s mission.

The proceeds of this event fund the Holy Cross Mothers Guild Scholarship Fund for current students who need financial aid to continue their Notre Dame High School education after the death of a parent, enabling them to stay at Notre Dame surrounded by their teachers and fellow students and the entire ND community who offer support and love to their families.

The beginning of this event begins outside the Universal Sheraton, where there are stands for drinks such as cocktails and juice. For the raffle, hundreds of donated baskets were lined up in the hallway, and guests pay for tickets, enabling them to win prizes such as tickets to SeaWorld and tickets for movies. The winners of the raffles are announced by Notre Dame president Brett Lowart, and the benefits go to Mother’s Guild as well as Notre Dame.

After the raffle, there was a live auction that took place inside the hotel while the guests enjoy a full meal. The auction included prizes such as pit tickets to Wango Tango to meet a celebrity, a $6,600 Tiffany ring, and private garden box tickets for 6 at the Hollywood bowl’s annual firework spectacular 2018 with the Go-Go’s.

When the auction was complete, it was time for the fashion show! The seniors kicked off the show with a special slideshow to honor their mothers. Photos of the seniors with their moms were displayed with a voiceover of the students talking about how grateful and proud they are.

This year, the clothing that the seniors wore for the show was sponsored by brands including Francesca’s, ValSurf, and Mimi Chica. In addition to those clothes, the seniors rocked their prom dresses and tuxedos for the last showing.

The senior boys strike a pose before they dance their way down the catwalk.

After the show, Notre Dame senior Taylor Madwin stated, “the best thing about the show was getting to spend time with my amazing classmates and friends, and to be able to be a part of the fundraiser that helps families in need.”

Mother’s Guild coordinator, Colleen Pace, was very proud of the senior models. “They did a great job and I think they had fun too!”, says Pace.

After the show was over, the seniors came out with roses to give to their parents as a way of saying “thank you” for being on Mother’s Guild and for being their mother.

“I believe that the fashion show this year was a great success! I talked to some of the mothers after the show, and they talked about how grateful and proud they were of their children. All that they have worked for has been put into seeing their child participate in the fashion show, as well as to help the school prosper,” says Notre Dame Junior Lauren Tidik.

Overall, the Mother’s Guild Fashion Show was a success, and the juniors this year are looking forward to next year’s event!



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