Project Hope: A Cut Above

By Alaine Farin ’20 and Alice Boiadjian ’20

A cut above, Alaine Farin’s ‘20 and Emily Street’s ‘20 letter to the Pope received an extra nod of approval from sophomore religion teacher Mrs. Munroe.

The film was titled “To You, Pope Francis” to address Pope Francis in a kind of “letter” through film. The girls portray different generations through different shots. They reveal their importance in the part of faith and how it can sometimes be doubted by all generations. The film strives to bring awareness of the strength of groups like the youth, elderly, and infants, which are often doubted within the church community.

Alaine, who also narrated the film, said “We addressed the Pope and how we feel. We are speaking for the youth and we are acknowledging their ups and downs. We compare the different day to day perspectives of the world in our free time, in school, in the pews of the Church, and in times of failure.”

The film acts as sort of PSA encouraging the Pope to continue to move forward and become a more patient church.


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