Rock the Vote, ND Style

By: Kalea Doryon ’21 (Guest Writer)

Get out and VOTE! This is a reminder to vote in the ASB elections tomorrow, April 17th. Elections will be held in the gym lobby before school, at both nutritions, and at lunch.

The following is a list of people running for each office:


ASB President: Olivia Miller, Dean Osborne

ASB Vice President: Celeste Clink

ASB Spirit Commissioner: Ally Wilson

ASB Treasurer: Ani Azarapetian

ASB Student Affairs: Sarah Waters

ASB Publicity: Cate Plunkett

ASB Activities: Sabrina Lemus

ASB Historian: Payton Kisiel


Senior Class President: Abby Cohen

Senior Class Vice President: Lauren Weintraub

Senior Class Treasurer: Stephen Franke


Junior Class President: Sean Korey, Jameson Mitrovich, Bella Watchi

Junior Class Vice President: Frida Martinez, Lily Rivas, Camila Wilson

Junior Class Treasurer: Nicholas Antsos, Michelle Tsujimoto

Junior Class Spirit Commission: Laurie Razon, Bianca Shkolnikov


Sophomore Class President: Caleb Cohen, Noelle Hilario, Madi Stein, Gavin Villalobos

Sophomore Class Vice President: Rachel Kim

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Molly Kearns


Don’t forget to vote in the ASB elections tomorrow!


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