New College Workshop Met with Skepticism

By Erin Neil, Blog Editor

As UC deadlines are quickly approaching and many students scramble to finish their essays, ask for recommendations, and take their final SATs, Notre Dame’s counselors are constantly trying to alleviate some of their stress.

In the past, seniors have been given the privilege of a day off while the underclassmen were taking the PSAT, but this year that policy has changed in the hopes of using this valuable time to get important work done on the college front.

Many seniors were confused as to why the policy changed this year, but Ms. Pantell, one of Notre Dame’s three college counselors, simply said, “We saw it as a missed opportunity… because there are just so many things that seniors need to do and get done and to miss a day like that where we could have you on campus but not in classes, was just such a golden opportunity.”


A poster in the counseling office demonstrated the day’s schedule. (Photo and caption by Erin Neil.)

Unlike years past, while the underclassmen were taking the PSAT, seniors were also on campus working hard to get their college apps done. From nine to eleven in the morning, seniors had the opportunity to choose from five workshops that ranged from “Polishing the College Essay” to “The Real Deal on Freshman Year.”

Some seniors were still confused as to the reason for the sudden change in policy. “I don’t think they’re going to tell me anything they haven’t told me a million times before” said Serafina Trevino ‘17.

Others seemed to think it was simply too late in the application process for it to do any good and senior Andrea Garavaryan said, “I think the workshop would have been more useful if it was in the beginning of the year because most of us are done with the work and some people already know where they are going.”

Despite skepticism from the seniors, Ms. Pantell argued, “It should be really interesting, it should be really beneficial for seniors, even though we understand that you used to have the day off, we think it will really be advantageous.”

It may be late in the application process for many, but there are still seniors who, when the conference day rolled around, were still knee deep in essays and paperwork, and this day was intended to provide a little relief.

“I think the workshop is useful for those seniors who feel overwhelmed by applying to colleges. So many people in our class have started but there are a few people who still feel lost,” said Derek Ruedy ‘17.

While many seniors remain dubious about how useful the day really was, the counselors still encourage students to utilize them for essay revisions and any additional questions that may not have been answered at the conference.


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