Slam! Notre Dame’s Poetry Club

Sarah O’Brien ’19 of the Slam! Poetry Club

By: Maria Thomas ’18

Notre Dame has had several different titles for poetry clubs over the years, including the Live Poets Society, Dry Ink,and the Literature Club. This year, however, a new idea has arisen: Notre Dame’s very own Slam! Club.

Rather than another club for students to share poetry, the Slam! Club hopes to become Notre Dame’s poetry competition team. Seniors Madison Zill and Maria Thomas started the club to give students the opportunity to share their work on a broader scale.

Slam poetry refers to poetry read at a competition called a “poetry slam.” Typically, the writing and performances are scored by five judges on a scale of 0-10. While Slam poetry can be written in any form or style, it is usually very rhythmic and dramatic.

“A poetry club for reading and discussing original student pieces is awesome, and that is definitely a part of Slam! Club, but Notre Dame students will now be able to practice the art of reading poetry aloud, and more importantly, in front of an audience,” said club co-founder MariaThomas.

Zill was originally inspired by North Hollywood High School’s successful and widely known Slam poetry team. This team travels to different poetry clubs and lounges within Los Angeles County and students compete against poets of all ages.

Whether you wish to read your poetry at Slam! Club meetings, compete in local competitions, or you simply enjoy listening to and discussing other student’s poems, everyone is welcome at meetings. Contact Seniors Madison Zill, Maria Thomas, or club Moderator Mr. Beckman for more information.

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