Spice Up Your Summer with the School of the New York Times Summer Academy

New York Times NYC Summer Academy Students tour the NYT building as a part of their curriculum. (Photo by The New York Times)

By: Allyson Roche ’19  

As the end of our second semester slowly approaches, you may be starting to wonder what your summer may look like. If you are yearning for something new, but worried that you will be spending these sunny Los Angeles days in front of your laptop, binging the latest Netflix series, The School of the New York Times Summer Academy may be for you.

The School of New York Times Summer Academy provides high school students with the opportunity to live in New York City for two weeks (in Fordham Law School’s dorms) while studying an intensive of his or her interest. Topics include journalism, fashion, theatre, technology, finance, arts, writing, and more.

As an enrolled student in this academy, you’ll be taught by journalists from the Times, and you’ll meet professionals at the top of their industries.

New York City becomes a classroom for the attendees; Students will visit a number of notable locations during class time. After the school day is over, students will also be to explore the big apple for themselves. Classes include trips to the park, subway rides, museum tours and guest speakers. The programs offers a variety of optional activities such as attending Broadway shows, a Mets game, a tour of the NYT printing facilities. The session concludes with dinner on a ferry cruise at sunset.

With over 30 courses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You must apply by March 12th, 2018 if you wish to enroll this summer. This is a very selective program, since there are only so many seats to fill. The application process requires a few short answer questions/essays and some personal information. You also have to pay to attend the academy, and tuition varies depending on whether you are a residential or day student.

Maria Thomas ‘18 took the Philosophy Intensive last summer. “I had an amazing experience. It was an opportunity for both intellectual and social growth,” she said. “Being in the city forces you to make new friends because you want to experience it all with someone. I would recommend applying because it gave me a better sense of what college will be like.”

If you are interested in spicing up your summer by introducing yourself to a new city and immersing yourself in your favorite field, visit nytedu.com


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