Students take on Sundance

By: Alice Boiadjian ’20 (Guest Writer)

Does your perfect day consist of a movie marathon, eating with a view of the snow, and snowboarding? Well Sundance may be the perfect place for you. Every year in January thousands of film lovers flock to Park City, Utah to watch hand selected films, snowboards, and celebrities. This past month students from TV production and Photography II accompanied Ms. Harkins to attend the Sundance Film Festival.

Students snap pictures and explore Park City between viewing films. Photo by Alice Boiadjian

Students spent three days watching films, exploring main street, and hearing various speakers who worked on some of films that were selected to play at Sundance . Student Masha Krichevsky said her favorite part of the trip, “would definitely have to be seeing American Animals with my friends. I’d been looking forward to seeing that movie for so long and sharing that experience with so many great people was such an amazing experience.”

Some other films the students saw on Friday and Saturday were Lizzie, Puzzles, Nancy, Burden, and Hail County This Morning, This Evening. Most films were independently produced and featured newcomers to the industry. Students were among the first few to see these hand selected films and got to experience unique insight to the creation process of each film during the Q&A following the films. Students got to apply what they’d learned about sequencing, film editing, character building, and directing the past semester in their classes to their trip. Many films they saw related directly to topics discussed in class. For example Hail County This Morning, This evening elicited patience in the audience as it slowly revealed intimate moments of people lives using unique cinematography.

On Friday students took a break from seeing films to come back to the condos and listen to guest speakers. One of the speakers, Gina Carter (Snow Cake, House of America), was at Sundance to promote Yardie, a film she produced. She offered insight to growing in the industry and how to best craft your storytelling skills. She stressed the importance of reading many genres of books to build storytelling skills and finding internships to gain work experience.

Overall the trip was successful and students left feeling sure that they would be coming back to the Sundance Film Festival for years to come, both as participants and enthusiastic movie viewers.


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