Study Tips and Tricks for the New Semester

By Olivia Hamblin, Staff Writer


(Photo by Her Campus.)

Stuck with writers block on that essay? Too lazy to open up that history book because you’re binge watching the last season of Friends? These tips and tricks are here to save you.

Temporarily block all those social media sites.

Yes, I know that Instagram is calling and you just have to check that Facebook message you got, but resist those urges! There’s a really cool temporary blocker available for Google Chrome that lets you set time limits.

Give yourself small rewards for tests, homework, and projects completed.

No matter how minuscule, give yourself rewards for tasks that you have done, or done well on. Beating yourself up for procrastination is one of the most counterproductive things you can do, and it does not help the motivational process. Forgive yourself for any incomplete or failed tasks, and move on.

Manage your time well.

I find it really easy to complete things for which I have allotted time. By planning out your day and time after school, you can finish each task stress free. 30/30 is an app dedicated for this (I highly recommend it).

Go to X-period.

Look, no one wants to stay at school for another ninety minutes, especially not to study or do homework. Even as a senior who skipped out on this opportunity too many times, I can guarantee that talking to your teachers is a vital part of your grade. They are happy to help!

Get a calendar and planner.

I’ve used this planner for all four years of high school, and I would have not survived without it. If you don’t write down your assignments, and your teacher isn’t very “Blackboard Calendar-oriented”, chances are you will forget it.

Pay attention in class.

Lets be real, ninety minutes is a long time. You (and I) would rather be on our iPads, browsing Reddit or Pinterest. Paying attention in class can help you avoid last minute studying and frantically asking friends’ math notes. I recommend taking notes, whether they be handwritten or typed.

Take breaks and release some stress.

Whether it be through a musical instrument, writing things down in a journal, or playing a sport, taking breaks are healthy and necessary for succeeding in school (and in life). Make sure not to overwhelm yourself!


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