Syrup and Bandcakes

By Evin Santana ’19

Alina Arabia ’21, Nicole Rogan ’21 and Hailey Zill ’21 prepare to serve frappuccinos to thirsty guests.

The cafeteria was filled with the smell of freshly made pancakes and the sticky sweet of maple syrup on February 4 when the Irish Knight Band hosted their annual Bandcake fundraiser.

At the event, the band members, parents and staff host a pancake breakfast in the cafeteria in order to raise money for Notre Dame’s Band program. The event also features a raffle, silent auction, car showcase and more.

All guests were welcomed into the cafeteria for a pancake breakfast, and were treated to a performance by jazz band as they ate.

“It was really gratifying being able to play music in front of so many of our peers and our families. We got to play great music—and have fun doing it too,” said Donovan Greenberg ’19.

Members of the band handed out utensils and plates and also cleared tables.

“I look forward to Bandcake, it’s a lot of work but it’s also really enjoyable,” said band member Josef Komarinski ’19.

Outside of the cafeteria, the Irish Knight Dance Guard ran their Frappuccino cart. They made and sold Frappuccino to help raise money for their program.

“The Frappuccino stand is always really fun. It’s a great way for us to raise money and to bond with each other,” said Juliette Lagerstrom ’19, one of the Dance Guard’s team captains. This year the Guard raised over $150 dollars.

“This event is a great fundraiser for us,” said Melanie Valentine ’18, a captain of the Dance Guard.

Besides the great breakfast, beverages, and music, everyone always looks forward to the silent auction. Every section of Band is assigned a theme for their auction baskets. For example, the tenor saxophones and bass clarinets were assigned a gardening theme. Each member of the section brought in a few items related to the theme and the items were put together to form an auction basket.

The car show took place outside of the gym. “The cars are an awesome touch to the event. They are from the Chevy car club, and they love to support the band. 

Stuffed with pancakes and Frappuccinos, the band prepares for their concert season while the Dance Guard begins their Winter Guard competitions.


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