The Marching has only just Begun


By Erin Neil, Co-Editor in Chief After a cold and rainy Inauguration Day, the skies shone a light on all the people who participated in the Women’s March. Subways were packed, pink hats were everywhere, and women and men filled the streets of Los Angeles to demonstrate in unity for human rights everywhere. At 10:00am on Saturday morning 750,000 people began […]

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Study Tips and Tricks for the New Semester


By Olivia Hamblin, Staff Writer Stuck with writers block on that essay? Too lazy to open up that history book because you’re binge watching the last season of Friends? These tips and tricks are here to save you. Temporarily block all those social media sites. Yes, I know that Instagram is calling and you just have to check that Facebook […]

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Best Shows to “Binge” Watch on Netflix


By Olivia Hamblin, Staff Writer Mystery Sherlock Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves Network: PBS Sherlock is an iteration of the story of Sherlock Holmes, originally by Sir Arthur Doyle, with a twist, taking place in 21st century London. Sherlock goes on a plethora of adventures with his partner, John Watson. Throughout the 90 minute episodes, bonds […]

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