Teacher’s Pet: Mr. Good and Charlie

By: Valentina Santiago ’21 (Guest Writer)

“Dogs are a man’s best friend,” is something that Mr. Good and his dog, Charlie, can definitely relate to. Mr. Good, Freshmen Human Geography teacher, and Charlie, a three year old terrier-poodle mix, have been best friends since 2014.

Charlie was six-months old when Mr. Good and his family first brought him home from the Animal Wellness Center in Playa Del Rey. Since then, this dynamic duo have enjoyed long walks on the beach, endless games of fetch, and countless days at the park together.

In the beginning, Charlie and Mr. Good didn’t have the same strong bond that they have today. Mr. Good was hesitant to get Charlie at first since he doesn’t spend a lot of time at home. Once Mr. Good, his wife, and his two daughters brought Charlie home from the shelter, Mr. Good quickly changed his mind. The wag of Charlie’s tail and his constant need for affection won Mr. Good over.

Charlie is absolutely in love with his family, and the feeling is definitely mutual. He loves to cuddle, and according to Mr. Good he won’t stop pawing at someone until he’s pet.  Now, when asked about his relationship with Charlie, Mr. Good sums it up as, “He’s my pal.”


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