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By Olivia Hamblin, Staff Writer

The second presidential debate took place at Washington University in St. Louis, at 6pm PT.

Unlike the first, the second debate took the form of a town meeting. Half the questions were posed by citizen participants. These citizens were comprised of uncommitted voters, selected by the Gallup Organization. The other half of questions were posed by the moderators, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper.

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Debate

A photo from the second debate that went viral on the internet. (Photo by Fortune and caption by Erin Neil.)

Though the town-hall format of the debate was arguably a good idea, it did not work out as such. Clinton and Trump did not open the debate with a handshake. The questions asked revolved around the topics of Clinton’s emails, Obamacare, Islamophobia and Syrian refugees, energy policy, and taxes.
Appearance-wise, Trump displayed a cooler temperament this debate than the last. Instead of answering in large rambling tangents, he kept his talking pace slow. Clinton was visibly stoic and strong, and was austere in terms of her demeanor and discourse.

She addressed the room with a proud, unwavering voice, and had the ability to form an emotional connection with her audience.

Donald Trump was much more energetic during this debate as opposed to the last. He was able to direct aggressive questions regarding emails and Benghazi toward Clinton. Trump was almost too vigorous, stating the outlandish claim that Clinton “would be in jail if he was elected president.” This comment was shocking to many due to the unbearable resemblance to something a dictator would say.

The debate hit a boiling point when the topics of tax returns and the release of the 2005 Trump video were introduced.

Trump admitted to taking advantage of the tax break that allowed him to not pay federal income taxes for up to 18 years. When asked if he used a tax loophole, he replied quickly with “Of course. I absolutely used it.”

A recent video surfaced showing Trump talking with Billy Bush about lewd acts he performed on women in 2005. When asked about this discussion, Trump stated that, “This was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it, I apologized to my family and to the American people.” He then went on a tangent about ISIS and the Middle East. This video caused a massive decline in Trump’s supporters, as well as a major cause of concern in American voters. A UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll given directly after the release of the tape shows Clinton with a 5 point lead over Trump.

A major issue discussed in the second debate was the contrasting views of Trump, and his running mate Mike Pence, in regards Syria and Russia. Donald Trump defends Russia, suggesting that they are bombing ISIS. When asked about their strategies for dealing with Russia, Clinton said she would continue with what the United States is currently doing and station special forces on the ground and enforce no-fly zones, while Trump neglected to talk about a plan and instead went on a tangent, finally stating that the U.S. should implement a secret mission.

Polls state that Hillary Clinton won the second debate, but many on social media are crowning Donald Trump the winner.

Overall, despite harder questions, Trump had a cooler temperament. Clinton remained calm as she formed connections with her audience through steady eye contact.


Much like the second, last night’s debate opened with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton not shaking hands. It was temperamental, including a lot of back and forth between the two candidates. This debate covered topics such as abortion, election rigging, jobs, immigration, Syria, and allegations against Trump concerning sexual assault. This was the final debate of the election, and it is said Clinton won, according to a FOX61 poll.

Trump vs. Clinton 2016
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