How is the World Feeling?

By Sarah Zacky, Staff Writer

These days apps do everything for us. They tell us the time, the weather, and give us a distraction from the world around us. It’s no surprise that there’s now an app to track our emotions as well.


A view of the app, “How is the World Feeling.” (Photo by How is the World Feeling?, caption by Erin Neil.)

When you download the app it first asks a series of questions such as age, gender, and religion that you answer in order to sign up. You can log your emotions and see how the rest of the world is feeling everyday. It also provides a place to get mental health support and donate money to the suicide prevention organization that’s behind it all.

“How is the World Feeling” is a big project and requires a large team of volunteers to get it off the ground. The Spur Project is the Australian based non-profit organization that runs HITWF. Every dollar that is donated goes right back into their mental health projects.

It’s also super easy to use and takes all of two seconds. The first thing you do is pick one of six emotions: happy, sad, angry, anxious, powerful, or peaceful. You then record the strength of the emotion, what you are doing, and with whom you are surrounded.

Tracking your mood may seem a bit tedious but it can really help in the long run. The mood apps really help people become aware of themselves and can draw their attention to red flags, such as depression. If HITWF sees any pattern of emotions that may need addressing they will automatically suggest some local tools and resources.

The nice thing about this app is that by doing these simple steps you are contributing to a bigger picture of helping people world wide by bringing awareness to a good cause.

To find this app first open the App Store, search for “How is the World Feeling,” and it should be the only one that pops up. Download it and your all good to go.


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