When You’re an Addams…

By Bridget Gehan, Staff Writer

It’s creepy, cooky, mysterious, and spooky… and its here at Notre Dame!

The annual Spring Musical is underway and this year, Ms. Tepe and the Theater Department tackled the broadway-hit, The Addams Family. Following our favorite creepy family, the show tells the story of what happens when Wednesday Addams grows up and it introduced into the ‘real world’.

Before the long-awaited Opening Night arrived, the cast, crew, and band were rehearsing Mondays through Thursdays from 3-7pm.

Though everyone can see the finished product of a show, few people know what happens behind the scenes, and all the chaos that occurred to put on this fabulous show. 

First, the show has to be cast and crew must be interviewed. The Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.34.31 AMmonumental task of casting falls on Ms. Amanda Tepe (director), Ms. Lynda Goosen (choreographer), and Ms. Meredith Pyle (musical director).

After the cast and crew lists are posted, rehearsals start. The build crew does most of the crew work at this time, working alongside professionals to create elaborate and safe sets. As the set is being built, the cast beings to block the show, learn dances, sing songs, and memorize harmonies.

Senior Sam Godinez, who leads the cast as Gomez Addams, said “The hardest part of the show is the overall stamina it requires… keeping the energy up for two hours and remembering everything, especially in this show, is really intense.”

After months of blocking and building, the cast and crew get together for ‘Tech Week.’ These rehearsals, dedicated solely to determining the technical aspects of the show (lights, sounds, sets, props) occur shortly before the show. At this time, the majestic work of the hair, costume, and makeup res are revealed, turning a 17-year old person into a 102 year-old weirdo.

Show times and dates:

March 29 at 7pm March 30 at 7pm

March 31 at 3:30pm April 2 at 5pm

April 6 at 7pm April 7 at 5pm

April 8 at 7pm April 9 at 5pm


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