Tiny Houses… Big Problem Solver?

Houses in the tiny home village located in the Arroyo Seco location.

If you enjoy watching the travel channel, I’m sure you have seen the hype about tiny homes… You know we don’t actually mean small houses, but actual residences created in a much, much smaller concept. There is everything you need in a house, minus the space. Inside, you will find plenty of clever concepts in order to maintain the small floor plan while still keeping all that’s necessary in a home. Over the years, there have been plenty of uses for these; fun ways to travel, new living habits, but it is now also being put towards a bigger issue. 

With homelessness having been such an issue for such a long time, there have been plenty of things we throw out to attempt at saving this huge issue. As of now, different cities in California such as North Hollywood, Tarzana, Redondo Beach, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and others have decided to set up small areas of tiny houses to stay in for the people experiencing homelessness.

These tiny homes are the most current attempt at resolving homelessness, and with them being affordable, practical and efficient, these tiny homes seem like they would be a perfect solution. While nothing might be a perfect “solution”, the hope for this is to get struggling people back on their feet and to give back overall to people who might not have received much. 

A location for a tiny home village located in Arroyo Seco is the largest tiny home village in California, as well as the biggest in the country. With 117 different units and 224 beds, it is a great immediate residence for the homeless to help give them the support they need to help them get the lives they want.

Aside from just providing housing for these people, three hygiene trailers, on-site laundry, water bottle filling stations, seating for food distribution and dining, lighting, and 24-hour security are also on site. 

Along with simply not having homes, there are still other things to recognize and help with that are necessary to be able to get back on your feet. With that being said, it is amazing to see there is also social security services, house navigation, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, and job training and placement. 

With issues like homelessness, it is important to recognize all parts of the problem at hand- and how simply offering housing is simply not enough to truly fix the root of the problem. By offering these services on site, it truly gives the opportunity to turn your life to what you want it to be. 

Seeing such a great idea that addresses all parts of the issue, and cares enough to recognize each and every one of them and actually do something about it is amazing. While it cannot fully solve the problem, it sure does give a big opportunity to make something good out of. 

Community members and others are also encouraged to “sponsor” a tiny home, which are $3,000 each. Each sponsorship goes into the improvement and costing of housing to give more availability. At hopeofthevalley.org/Donate, you can donate however much you desire, and choose to do it as a one time or monthly gift. If you donate a full $3,000 for a tiny home, you even get your name on a special plaque on site as a thank you.

A great step to take for sure, and a good way to get the community involved in a great end goal. Things like this, which actually put the effort into fixing the issue instead of a temporary stay, is what is going to get us to achieve that goal.