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2021-2022 Staff

Anika Drea Baldoman 24

Anika Drea Baldoman ’24

Sophomore Anika Baldoman is Co-Editor of the Knight Magazine.  She loves the color green, cats, and dinosaurs. She strongly believes that mugs are an essential product to own, and she has exactly 80 playlists on Spotify as o...

Catherine Necessary 24

Catherine Necessary ’24

Sophomore Catherine “Cate” Necessary is the Co-Editor of the Knight Online. She loves advocating for the environment, and uses her passion for writing to do so. Cate enjoys beach trips and drawing an excessive amount of eyes...

Ashley Roche 23

Ashley Roche ’23

Ashley Roche is a junior and co-editor of the Knight Online. With music being her main passion, she sings and writes songs daily, hoping to release music within the next year. She can often be found lurking through estate sales an...

Taylor Evans 23

Taylor Evans ’23

Taylor Evans is a junior, making her a member of the Class of 2023. Her favorite things to do are listening to music and going to concerts. Taylor also loves traveling, reading, and making new friends.

Joslene Lafontant 23

Joslene Lafontant ’23

Josie Lafontant is a junior with a passion for all things writing. After school, you can find her practicing guitar, pole vaulting with her team, or finding her next pair of eccentric earrings.

Gizelle Medina 23

Gizelle Medina ’23

Junior Gizelle Medina is Co-Editor of The Knight Magazine. She enjoys learning about everything she can, loves hanging out with her loved ones and bakes the best cheesecake you’ve ever tasted. ...

Alexandra Gorgij 24

Alexandra Gorgij ’24

Alexandra Gorgij is a proud member of the Class of 2024. She is a twin, a film buff, and a passionate hockey fan. Alex loves hanging out with her friends and making new ones.

Nathan Nikkhoo 22

Nathan Nikkhoo ’22

Nathan Nikkhoo is a current senior. He is interested in Economics, History, Theology, and Philosophy. He intends on majoring in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) in college and wants to pursue a combined JD/MBA after...

Colin McSherry 22

Colin McSherry ’22

Senior Colin McSherry is the Senior Editor of The Knight Online, and has the distinction of being a 4-year Journalism student. He loves playing music, film, and writing. He also loves theatre and spending time with his family and fr...

Julia Morgan 22

Julia Morgan ’22

Senior Julia Morgan is the Arches Yearbook Co-Editor this year.  A strong believer in giving back to the community, she volunteers at the UCLA hospital in Santa Monica and runs a business on Depop that donates its profits to BLM org...

Abbie Leyretana 24

Abbie Leyretana ’24

Abbie Leyretana is a member of the Class of 2024 making her a sophomore. She loves trying new things and spending time with the people she loves. 

Vanessa Arteaga 23

Vanessa Arteaga ’23

Junior Vanessa Arteaga is a new member of Student Publications. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and has aspirations to work in journalism one day.

Brooklyn Carter 22

Brooklyn Carter ’22

Brook Carter is a member of the Senior class. She enjoys playing softball and listening to R&B music. Her typical weekend consists of softball games, trips to the beach, and sushi. She loves spending quality time with her ...

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