Christmas Rally and Candy Cane Lane

See how Notre Dame celebrated Christmas socially distanced.

The Notre Dame ASB put in a lot of hard work to make the Candy Cane lane drive-thru a merry event for all of the student body. 


When you entered, you immediately were given a warm, but socially distanced, welcome from ASB. Lights were strung all around, and Christmas presents were stacked in all corners. The Christmas spirit was also brought by a gorgeous Nativity set and a big sleigh pulled by Santa’s reindeer. As you drove through, you could see screenings of various Christmas movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. There was even a live reenactment of a scene from Home Alone


It was heartwarming to see many of the ND faculty there throwing “snowballs” at kids and which students made the “naughty list” and which ones made the “nice list.” From the decorations to all of the Notre Dame family gathered, everyone’s moods were lifted by this jolly event. 


Isabella Ferrucci ‘21 says “It took a long time to plan, almost 3 weeks, but the whole time I bonded with my fellow ASB members. It was great to see the ND community back together again- even if it was from our cars.”


We ended off 2020 with a Christmas spirit rally that everyone watched live virtually. ASB members engaged students from home by playing multiple games. Students participated in games such as a holiday drawing contest, guessing what item is wrapped, and guessing the holiday movie based off of pictures shown. 


ASB members dressed up as holiday characters such as the grinch to bring the holiday spirit to life. At the end of the rally, ASB seniors joined together to celebrate a mere five months left of high school.

Kalea Doryon ‘21 said, “I thought it was really great how ASB could still bring Christmas Spirit to us despite being at home. Notre Dame always has really fun, exciting Christmas rallies and this was definitely a nice start to Winter Break. I like how it was interactive and people could participate in the activities at home, which made me feel like we were there with them.”


It was wonderful to lighten everyone up in a dreary time with all of this holiday fun. Hopefully, next year we can participate in these activities in-person and without distance regulations.