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The Freedom to Vote Act would have allowed greater access to voting for all Americans.

Still Fighting

Catherine Necessary
Last updated April 5, 2022
Bye Bye Books

Bye Bye Books

Ashley Roche
Last updated March 3, 2022
All For The Bees

All For The Bees

Abbie Leyretana
Last updated February 11, 2022
After fleeing her home that was set on fire and witnessing her husband’s murder, the trauma Abuela Alma had to endure herself was passed onto her children and the rest of her family creating the vicious cycle many poc, immigrant families know too well.

Let’s Talk About Bruno

Gizelle Medina , Co-Editor of The Knight Magazine
Last updated February 1, 2022
The color blue represents human trafficking prevention chosen by the Blue Heart Campaign to protect and defend human dignity.

The Meaning of Blue

Anika Drea Baldoman
Last updated February 1, 2022
Pantone created a new color, Very Peri which they described as the warmest and happiest shade of blue. -

Pondering Paint

Anika Drea Baldoman
Last updated February 1, 2022
The competition was held in the Livestock Event Center, an arena known for its Roping Classics, Arabian Horse Shows, and national monster truck rallies. We fit right in.

Raising the Bar

Joslene Lafontant
Last updated February 1, 2022
Varsity boys XC celebrating after racing in the Temecula Twilight race! Nicholas Antaky ‘22, Calvin Benedict ‘22, Nolan Reber ‘22, Tyler Boim ‘22, Ethan Day ‘24, Jackson Krischer ‘22, Ryan Antaky ‘22

Running The Distance

Abbie Leyretana ‘24
Last updated December 17, 2021
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