Catching up with the Trends

What’s new on Tik Tok?

Catching up with the Trends

Julia Morgan

On a platform like Tik Tok, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on. Who’s dating? What scandal is happening? What dance just exploded? Trends come and go so quickly, you have to be extremely fast before a trend is over. But if you haven’t been paying attention lately, here’s what’s been going on.  

Disney star Olivia Rodrigo, best known for her role in “High School Musical the Series”, released a song called ‘Drivers License” that instantly went viral. 

The song was rumored to be about fellow co-star Joshua Basset’s relationship with former Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter and immediately sparked a bunch of press. In the first three days of the song’s release, it was streamed 21 million times, a number that has never been seen before. In a matter of days, thousands of Tik Toks were posted commenting on the rumored love triangle. 

People got very creative with this song, creating their own versions by changing the lyrics, creating different mashups, and showcasing their makeup skills. 

As if the drama wasn’t enough from Olivia’s song release, Joshua and Sabrina then released their own songs. 

Everybody was talking about the lyrics of Sabrina’s song “Skin” which seemed to be directed at Olivia. 

The entire Tik Tok community began speculating on what really went down between these three. Many people think the drama was all created as a way to get press before the three released their songs, but some still believe there was a genuine love triangle that left Olivia Rodrigo heartbroken. 

Although fans might never know the truth, the songs and drama were more than enjoyable to pay attention to. 

Tik Tok is a hotspot for discovering fun new recipes and cooking hacks. For example, the recent tortilla hack that went viral. @crystalscookingfun posted a video of her cutting halfway up a tortilla’s center then placing four different food items on the four corners. She then folded the tortilla to create a wrap with four different layers. 

After this video, everyone jumped on the trend to see what kind of tortilla wraps they could come up with. 

People did Chick-fil-a wraps, taco bell wraps, and dessert wraps. 

Additionally, there have been many pasta recipes going around. For example, model Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta recipe was shared and posted all over. Videos of people making her recipe and trying it are flooding the for you page. Now, there is Fettuccine Alfredo. Although there is not one single Fettuccine Alfredo recipe, many people have been posting videos showing off their personal recipes and ways of making it. On Tik Tok, @cookingwithbello has a great Fettuccine Alfredo recipe. 

Louisa Binder ‘22 says “My favorite current Tik Tok trend is the food recipes being posted because it gives me inspiration for what to make at home.” 

What has been your favorite Tik Tok trend lately? Have you seen or tried these food hacks? 

And in case you want to make these recipes on your own…

Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka sauce

Tortilla hack:

Feta pasta:

Olivia Rodgrio’s song “Drivers License” grew insanely popular in almost no time.
Tik Tok viral “Tortilla hack” created by @crystalscookingfun.
Feta pasta currently sweeping everyones for you page.
Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka sauce pasta.