Todos A Una!

A Look into the Spanish Honors Society’s Induction Ceremony


The Spanish Honors Society had their induction ceremony on March 4th to celebrate the students who have proven a deep interest in the beautiful Spanish language. The society typically works to help underprivileged students in nearby communities and often holds fundraisers and food drives. 

This Spanish Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953, for the students of North American secondary schools. Their motto is “Todos a Una” (“All together”). Their colors are red and gold, and their insignia and seal are those of the mother association.

The students each held a candle while being inducted to represent inspiration toward high ideals and our course of life. That candle is saying: “If they burn me, I live; if not, I die.” They recited the words from the poem “iEXCÉLSIOR!” by Gaspar Núñez de Arce.

“¿Por qué los corazones miserables, por qué las almas viles,

En los fieros combates de la vida, ni luchan ni resisten?

¡El espíritu humano es más constante cuanto más se levante!

Dios puso el fango en la llanura, y puso la roca en la montaña.

La blanca nieve, que en los hondos valles derrítese ligera,

En las altivas cumbres permanece inmutable y eterna”.

(“Why do humble spirits, why do lowly souls,

In the fierce combats of life, neither struggle nor resist?

The human spirit is more constant the more it rises!

God put mud in the lowland, and he put the rock on the mountains.

The white snow, which in the deep valleys melts quickly,

On the high peaks remains unchangeable and eternal.”)

The students of the Lopa de Vega chapter promised to devote themselves to the Spanish language, remembering that it can be a strong tie between persons of different origins, races, and religions. They also vowed to promote friendship and understanding between our land and others. 

Each student blew out the flame to signify their formal induction and the continuation of their spirits and devotion to the Spanish language and community.  

President Gustavo Chavez ‘21 said, “It has been an honor and privilege to lead this group of people and help them grow close to the Spanish language. It was unfortunate to not have been able to gather together as a society to conduct this important event, but I look forward to seeing all we will continue to do for our community (hopefully together in person soon)!”