Go Green!

A Look into Notre Dame’s Environmental Club


The Notre Dame Environmental Club is working hard to make a difference in the state of our planet. They work to create more eco-friendly policies on campus and have resources for students if they are looking for ways to get involved. 

The students discuss small changes you can make in your life to live more sustainably like thrifting, limiting plastic straws, etc. They also want to make ND’s cafeteria more eco-friendly, which includes having reusable containers and straws for our food. They’re also interested in starting a garden!

The club was started this year by junior Louisa Binder who is vegan and environmentally conscious and wanted to bring her passion to Notre Dame. Her goal is to make the school as eco-friendly as possible and educate her fellow students on the dangers of harming the environment. She stated, “We need to be aware that time is running out! I hope we will be able to decrease the amount of harmful pollution going into the environment, and that we can end climate change and global warming before the time runs out and be unfixable.” 

AP Environmental teacher and Environmental Club moderator Mr. Galland said, “The rate of climate change now is concerning. We are dramatically altering the composition of the atmosphere by releasing greenhouse grasses through permafrost and agriculture. There is a destabilization of what has been a relatively moderate climate for more than 10,000 years. The way of life we have been accustomed to and our global cycle is being altered. We want to avoid ecological tipping points. Climate change is impacting livelihoods, and I believe the global population benefits when the climate is stable.” 

Mr. Galland also hopes that Notre Dame, as a school, continues to decrease their plastic use. “The root of the problem is convenience. It’s convenient to use cheap plastic bottles from grocery stores. People feel they have a dollar to spend but it’s not ideal.”

The students in the Environmental Club are a small group but are eager to make a big change at Notre Dame and the community. Hopefully we will see some of their policy ideas implemented at Notre Dame soon!