Starting School in Style

Exciting Changes Made to School Dress Code


Ashley Roche

Necklaces can add style to your school uniform.

     As much as we might want to, we can’t all stay in our pajamas anymore, like we might have been for the past year during school!

    With the new year starting in-person rather than online, there are certain things students have to get used to again. Some of those things have to do with getting dressed for school– putting on a uniform, doing hair, putting on jewelry, etc. 

    Of course, everyone wants to look their best when going back to school.

    Luckily, this year students can take their appearances to the next level thanks changes made to the school dress code! This year’s dress code allows students to have more freedom with the way they want to express themselves. 

    One big change is that the uniform pants no longer have to be purchased from the Mills Uniform Company, they just have to look similar.

    Many students have taken advantage of this rule already, wearing pants from several different clothing brands. Ruby Birch ‘23 was excited about this specific change. “I’m really happy I get to wear the pants that make me feel comfortable and I can show my personal style,” said Birch.

    Sweaters and sweatshirts also don’t have to come directly from Notre Dame. Students may wear any solid navy blue, white, or grey sweatshirt.

    Other big changes revolve around jewelry. Boys are now allowed to wear one small, stud earring in each ear. Students can also have one discreet stud nose piercing.

    “I had been wanting a nose piercing for a while, so once I heard that the school allowed it, I was so excited. I like the leniency with jewelry this year,” said Greta Juelsson ‘23.

   One of the major great things about the new dress code is that it furthers our goals for inclusivity and considerations of all ethnicities, especially when it comes to hair. Twists, braids, natural afros and locs are mentioned in the dress code, and they are protected and embraced by the ND community. 

    Now let’s talk about how you can use these dress code changes to your advantage and add some spice to your school style!

    Even within the parameters of a dress code, students have been allowed to express their personalities. Students can wear different hairstyles, shoes, jewelry, nails, or even masks, which can all be purchased at your local mall, Target, or Walmart.

    You can always step up your shoe game with some new fresh kicks. Shoes can be a bit pricey sometimes, but recommendations go as far as Vans, Converse, or even a pair of Jordans! Unique or colorful shoelaces add some excitement, too. 

    When it comes to socks, colors and patterns are always a good way to add spice into your outfit of the day. As long as you aren’t wearing any with inappropriate patterns or words, you’re good to go! 

    A cute belt is also a fun way to show off your unique style. Belts come in many colors and styles for you to choose from.  

    Considering the dress code changes, Administration has gotten more lenient on the whole jewelry thing, which can definitely help enhance your style.   

    Nice necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and even anklets can all be used to accessorize your uniform. The jewelry doesn’t even have to be gold or silver. Friendship bracelets and beaded necklaces are also super trendy and cute.

    Many students make their own jewelry now, which can be something fun to try out! Wearing something made by you adds such a cool, personal flare to your uniform! 

    Another great way to keep yourself looking fashionable is maintaining healthy hair and experimenting with different hairstyles! Hair is so important and a good hairdo can pull a whole look together! Girls can always wear a pony-tail, braids, or even pigtails.

    Changing it up, perhaps by curling or straightening your hair, is always a great option as well. Adding colorful scrunchies, hair ties, small clips, or a thin headband will take your hair to the next level. 

    We asked the dean of women, Ms. McClung, how she thought students could spice up their uniform while still adhering to dress code. She said, “I want all students to feel comfortable and not have to worry about what they have on. As long as they are in the dress code. I’m all good.” 

    So with all that being said, we can agree that there are multiple ways to add style to your uniform, thanks to the updated dress code!