An Un-Fore-Gettable Season: Best since ‘99

Girls Golf play a near perfect season after the Hiatus

Katelyn Kong ‘24, Marley Franklin ‘22, Annie Buffolino ‘22, Ester Yoo ‘23, Meeya Marquez ‘23 all assemble after a victory. Photo By:

After a long and excruciating break from competition, the Girls Golf team is back and looks better than ever. Since entering the Mission League in 1999, Girls Golf has won fourteen of twenty twenty league championships. Varsity Golf in particular has been truly astounding. On September 15, they made history by shooting the lowest par in Notre Dame High School history. Although this day was incredible for the girls, it was not their only moment of success during the season.

Varsity Women’s Golf has been amazing throughout the entirety of the regular season. During the regular season, varsity women’s golf had an undefeated record, 15-0. Two of those victories came in the mission league team final and the mission league individual final. When asking Marley ‘22 about the team’s success she said, “We just need to keep pushing. We are doing well right now but we want to finish first in the CIF and secure a victory for Notre Dame.” But I do think we have all come together to have fun and play well in each and every game.” The most dangerous part of Notre Dame’s women’s golf team is the fact that not any one particular person could lead us to victory. Though the talent is immense and any way could lead us to victory, it is the comradery, leadership skills, and selflessness that catapulted this team to the CIF playoffs. 

The primary focus and objective of winning these big games and tournaments have been the team’s ability to stay calm under pressure. After I asked Annie Buffolino ‘22 about how the team has been able to excel under pressure this season she had a simple but excellent answer. Annie ‘22 said, “It’s really simple. We try our best to stay composed.” Composure is the key to success in a sport like golf. Due to golf’s slow burn, it can often become easy to lose focus. Staying composed and going to a place of comfort often creates less stress and better results.

On October 27 in the CIF Individual regional tournament, the team needed to come together and stay composed as a result of a devastating injury to senior Marley Franklin. After the thirteenth hole, she had to withdraw due to back spasms. After one of their captains went down, the team found themselves in a hole they needed to dig themselves out of. The entire team stepped up and gave a hard fought victory.

After COVID-19, the girls were anxious to get on the turf and start swinging. If all goes well during some final crucial games, their goal is to go to the State Championship on November 16. The golfing Lady Knights had an incredible season and hope to continue it with a State Championship!