All For The Bees

Disney’s contribution to the environment and saving the endangered species of bees

All For The Bees

Have you ever wondered where Disney puts those gigantic gingerbread houses after the holidays? You’d assume that they would throw them away because there’s no good reason to keep such a big structure of cookie right? WRONG. Along with many of the other things Disney does for the environment, they dispose of the gingerbread houses toward the local bees at the tree farm!

Fans were going crazy over a TikTok that Rheanna, Disney’s Sous Chef, posted about who eats the giant gingerbread displays that they make for their Disney Resorts. This TikTok stands with over 15.5 millions views and Sous Chef continues to educate her audience with where all the gingerbread goes.
After the holiday season at Disney World, their team works together and breaks down every piece of cookie, candy, and cute chocolate character. Each and every one of the gingerbread displays get broken down even more and are brought to their local tree farm. The Florida bees then feast on sweets until every piece of gingerbread is gone. Sous Chef Rheanna says, “This helps the declining bee population by keeping them well fed during the winter months when food sources are harder to find.”

A planned work specialist with Walt Disney World’s Event Decorating Support team explained how they got the idea to dispose of the gingerbread houses the way that they do. Barry Stockwell said, “Ten years ago, when performing our annual gingerbread display cleaning, we noticed bees were very attracted to the sugar on the displays after deconstruction,” Stockwell said. “We decided to bring the display pieces to our Disney tree farm and lay them out in our field to give the bees a chance to collect the sugar on the wooden structures.”

Aside from Disney doing their part for the environment, a lot of places in California contribute to helping our ecosystem. Places like McDonald’s, Burger King, and many more started serving impossible burgers which are patties that are made up of meat substitutes for those who don’t eat meat. This also helps reduce the intake and slaughter of cows or other animals. The people in Los Angeles do their part and try to minimize the amount of plastic and water. We also do street clean ups and pick up trash at the beach or not the streets.

Catherine Necessary, a sophomore, talks about her view on the environment and what we can do to help save our planet. She said, “We can try doing our research on the environmental practices of the companies we support, as well as signing petitions and donating to organizations whose goal is to assist in the fight against climate change.”

Bees are an endangered species and are very important to our environment because of their partake in pollination of the trees, flowers, and trees. Without bees life for humans would be very hard considering they are the reason plants grow for us to consume. Disney is definitely doing their part in saving the bees and helping the environment one holiday at a time.