Putting the Sing in Spring

Students shared their musical talent in the quad


On Friday, May 6, students at Notre Dame performed live at Coffeehouse for the first time since 2019.

If you’re unfamiliar, Coffeehouse is a night in which student musicians perform a song of their choice in the quad and showcase their talent. It gives ND the chance to celebrate the outstanding musical artistry at the school. 

Due to COVID-19, the past two years of Coffeehouse were virtual. Although performing in their own homes might’ve helped diminish any stage fright the students possibly had, it also meant they didn’t have the incredible support of the ND community in the audience. 

Thankfully, this year, the performers were able to take the stage with a crowd of parents, teachers, and other students supporting every note and melody sung or played. A roar of applause echoed throughout the quad after each performance. 

ND is often labeled as a “sports school,” known for the exceptional talent of our sports teams. While it’s incredibly important to support our athletes, we have to make sure that the artists at the school are not forgotten or overlooked. Coffeehouse allows us to recognize our musicians and highlight their gifts. 

Dia Tardino ‘22, who performed with her band called Fox and Socks, said, “Coffeehouse is a great creative opportunity for students to share their talent at Notre Dame because there aren’t a lot of options for musicians. It’s really cool to perform in front of a live audience, especially such a supportive one- the crowd was constantly cheering.”

The performances varied from bands, to solo singers, to piano instrumentals. One highlight of the night was the performance from Grace Abdayem ‘23, Vivian Oxley ‘22, and Aidan Baker ‘23, who sang a sentimental song from the musical they were working on here at Notre Dame two years ago. The show, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, was canceled due to COVID-19 just two weeks before opening.

Grace Abdayem ‘23 said,  “Even though I was a freshman at the time, that musical felt and still feels like one of the most important pieces of art I’ve ever been a part of, and it was really devastating for us not to be able to perform it then. Being able to perform it for an audience meant everything. I’m just so happy we got that opportunity.”

There was also artwork done by ND students on display as well as a table with treats and coffee to enjoy. Everyone was just so grateful to be back together celebrating the musicians of Notre Dame. Coffeehouse was a success!