Introducing the New Football Offensive Coor: Coach Jake Goossen- Brown ‘06

The newest addition to our ND athletic program


Calling all football players and fans! This year our ND football program is in for a thrilling, action packed season! With a majority of the boys training for track during the preseason, and new football coaches being added to the ND athletic family, we are definitely in for a good one. Family in particular because one of the new coaches is one of our own! 

    Coach Jake Goossen- Brown graduated from Notre Dame in 2006 and played 4 years of high school football, and was a recipient of a CIF Championship ring during his junior year. He then came back to his alma mater and coached the Notre Dame football program for 12 years. 

    He did have to leave for quite awhile but did not step away from the football world. Coach Goose continued his coaching career at Morro Bay High School just along the San Luis Obispo County, California. Here he led his football team to a CIF Championship along with the Southern Regional State Championship and became a State Runner Up in only his 3rd year of coaching! Before Coach Goose, this football team was 1-9 for 10 straight losing years, and he was able to turn the team around and push them to their full potential. Coach Goose says, “I dont over celebrate things, I go into games expecting to win. Winning is the expectation, so when we win it’s not a surprise, we get ready for the next game” 

    Coach Goose’s intent for coming back is to turn the ND football program around and replicate what he did with his old team and push our boys to their full potential. He says, “I hope that I can build on what Coach Mcnab has established here for the football program, he is a great coach and I am excited to work with him again. I am happy to be back home, I think this team is a great group of athletes with great potential. I hope that we can get the offense to perform at optimum level and make some noise this year!” 

    We are so excited to see what he has in store for us and we can’t wait to see the turn around he will bring to Notre Dame!