Down. Set. Knights

The Knights start of the season 2-2. What comes next?


Notre Dame varsity football is off to a much different start to this season than last. With their first 4 games they have a record 2-2. They already have the same number of wins as they had last season through only four games.

ND started the season off with a bang as they destroyed Crespi 45-7. 

The Crespi defense couldn’t stop Brennan Dragomer ‘23 from running circles around their team. He rushed for 156 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Crespi defense also couldn’t stop Erikas Poudziunas ‘24 as he caught 2 touchdowns and went for 97 yards. 

The ND defense held Crespi to only 7 points. Gianni Maucere ‘23 and Anthony Jones ‘26 both intercepted a pass while Brandon Bryant ‘24  got 10 tackles, 4 of those being for a loss of yards. 

We also have to give some love to our kicker Joaquin Arroyo ‘24 who went 6/6 in points after the touchdown (PAT) and 1/1 for field goals. 

ND’s next victim was Birgmingham. Once again they came up on top with another blowout victory, 49-20. 

Mikhi Varady-Brown ‘23, had a field day with 10 receptions and 139 yards with 1 touchdown. Wyatt Becker ‘25 also had a great game throwing for 326 yards with 3 passing touchdowns.

On the defensive side of the ball, Anthony Jones ‘26 had another interception as well as Xavier Perry. Brandon Bryant ‘24 who had 10 tackles last week recovered a fumble and so did Jonathan Kanaley ‘24  who also recorded a sack. Kicker Joaquin Arroyo  ‘24  had another great game, going 7/7 for PATs. 

NDs first home game of the season was against Valencia. It was a close game, but ended in a disappointing fashion. The score was 21-30. 

The offense struggled at first with 2 missed snaps and an interception. The second drive was also slow as they allowed a safety. However ND fixed their mistakes from early on and played much better the next 3 quarters.

Erikas Poudziunas ‘24 had 76 receiving yards and a touchdown. Braylon Wise had 3 receptions, one of those being a touchdown. Another notable player on the offense was Kian Salehi ‘23 who had 5 receptions and a touchdown. 

On the defensive side Braylon Wise ‘23 had 10 tackles and a pass deflection and Brandon Bryant ‘24 had 15 tackles and 1 fumble recovery. Johnathan Kanaley came up with ND’s only sack and Kenneth Royal ‘23 also had a pass deflection.

ND hoped to change the tide after their loss against Valencia in their second home game of the season versus St. Bonaventure. Unfortunately they were unable to do that as they lost 42-17. 

Despite the disappointing loss, QB Wyatt Becker ‘25 threw for 238 yards, his biggest connection was to Erikas Poudziunas for a 53 yard pass. Erikas Poudziunas also caught for 115 yards and a touchdown. Brennan Dragomer ‘23 had a rushing touchdown.

On the defense Xavier Perry ‘24 had 10 tackles and Brandon Bryant ‘24 had 11. Ethan Fullerton ‘23, Braylon Wise ‘23, Jalon Wells ‘24, and Kenneth Royal ‘23 all had a pass deflection. 

ND is off to a bitter balanced start to their season. They played amazing in their first two games of the season, but seemed to have lost their footing in their last 2 games. Hopefully ND can find their rhythm again and get a few more games in the win column.