Rallying Up For Girl Scout Cookie Season

A new cookie joins the classic batch of Girl Scout Cookies, exclusively online!


Whether you love them or hate them, thin mints are undoubtedly one of the most famous Girl Scout cookies. This year, a new flavor is being added that is a spin-off of the classic Thin Mint cookie. Troops across the U.S. are debuting the Raspberry Rally. With a chocolate covering and a pinkish, raspberry flavored crunchy center, this new cookie could become a new favorite. 

However, this cookie is the first to be sold exclusively online, for shipment. The purpose of this is to help teach the Girl Scouts about e-commerce and bring more modernism to the process of selling cookies in this current climate. 

Although the Girl Scouts have been able to sell cookies online for the past few seasons, the traditional and more common form of selling has still been in person. However, by adding a cookie that can be sold exclusively online, it gives the scouts an opportunity to hone their e-commerce skills. The massive phenomenon of online shopping was bound to hit the world of Girl Scout cookies sooner or later. 

This form of selling requires the Scouts to set up their own shops on the platform and create content and videos to gain attention of potential customers. They are also expected to share cookie recommendations and shopping opportunities to their customers. And once a purchase is made, they must follow up with the buyer to ensure they had a good experience. The girls are learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur in a digital age for business by growing and maintaining an online customer base. 

However, while the online form of selling is efficient, it does take away an aspect that makes selling so personal and special. The girls get the chance to interact with so many different people and make real connections when selling in person at booths, school, etc. 

Lake Merritt has been a Girl Scout for the majority of their life. Although this is their lat year, they grew up selling cookies in-person, not online. Because of that, selling in real life will always be more special to them, but they do see the benefits of selling online. 

They said, “I will always prefer doing it in person because of the real life personal connections you make with people. But I do think that it is a helpful move to also sell online. It’s great for efficiency and will really help this next generation of girl scouts with learning about e-commerce and online shopping. 

Regardless, it gives us all more opportunities to support girls on their path to leadership and to get some delicious treats!

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