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The 2022-23 NFL Playoffs Previews, Predictions, and Recaps


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Super Bowl LVII! It came down to four teams on January 22nd after the Chiefs beat the Jaguars 27-20, the Eagles beat the Giants 38-7, the Bengals beat the Bills 27-10, and the 49ers beat the Cowboys 19-12. 


January 29th the Eagles faced off against the 49ers and the Chiefs faced the Bengals in the AFC and NFC Championships. The two winners of this game would play each other in Super Bowl 57. 


The Eagles looked strong against the Giants as they uprooted their division rival. The 49ers had a much tougher and close game against the Cowboys. 


Both teams have deep and talented rosters on both sides of the ball so it was predicted to be a close game. 


The famous saying “Defense wins championships” does not relate to this game. The Eagles and 49ers have two of the best defenses in the NFL so QB’s Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy needed to lead their offense. 


Eagles QB Jalen Hurts threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in the NFC Divisional Round. With the weak point of the 49ers defense being their secondary, Hurts would need to command a killer offense. 49ers QB Brock Purdy, “Mr. Irrelevant”, had a tough time against a solid Cowboys pass rush. His inexperience in the NFL let him down so he hoped to adapt to that against another solid Eagles pass rush. However, he can’t do that without star running back Chrstian McCaffery who attempted to play through injury. 


I predict the Eagles winning this game. With the way Hurts and the Eagles have been playing all season and the convincing victory they had the week before I think the Eagles will take a win over the 49ers if they can exploit their secondary. The 49ers are also playing with an injured McCaffery and an inexperienced Purdy. 


The game went downhill for the 49ers very quickly. Brock Purdy came down with an elbow injury in the first quarter. Even worse, the backup Josh Johnson had to exit with a concussion causing Purdy to enter the game again in poor shape. Chrisitan McCaffery did everything he could to try and keep the 49ers in the game but he couldn’t do enough. 


The Eagles offense had none such problems. They rushed for a total of 4 touchdowns, 2 from starting running back Miles Sanders. 


The Eagles showed no remorse for the 49ers as they won 31-7. 


The Chiefs versus Bengals game also had big expectations in a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game.  


Chief’s QB Patrick Mahomes came down with an ankle injury in the AFC Divisional round but did opt to play. There is no doubt though that he would be limited in movement during this game.


The Bengals hoped to continue their hot streak after winning 10 games straight and 3 win streak against the Chiefs. Despite starting with a worrisome 0-2 record, they quickly found their footing and found themselves one win away from another super bowl appearance. 


The Chiefs, although dealing with an unhealthy Mahomes and losing their star wide receiver to the Dolphins during the offseason, had strong players ready to put on a show. One of the top tight ends in the league, Travis Kelce, and a rookie running back, Isaiah Pacheco looked to make their mark. The Chiefs defensive line also hoped to cause havoc on the Bengal’s injured offensive line. 


The Bengals offensive line had to make sure to protect their star QB Joe Burrow. With games giving up more than 5 sacks, the Bengals were 2-8. 


I predict the Bengals to win this game. With an injured Mahomes, the whole Chiefs offense is in jeopardy. The Bengals are also on a hot streak and Burrow can work around an injured offensive line. 


The game ended up being an entertaining clash. 


Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow balled out. Mahomes battled hard through his ankle injury and Burrow fought hard despite having an injured offensive line. 


Mahomes did a great job adapting to the ineffectiveness of their run game as he was able to find Marquez Valdez Scantling several times. The Chiefs defensive line, especially Chris Jones, did an amazing job pressuring Burrow. The injury of Tyler Boyd made things even harder for Burrow. Despite this, Burrow kept the Bengals in the game. The Bengals had two big possessions at the end of the game to break the 20-20 but failed to convert after the Chiefs defense held them in their tracks. 


It was Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker that ended the game after a successful field goal to end the game 23-20. 


So it was the Eagles and Chiefs facing off in the Super Bowl LVII. 


Both teams had won a super bowl in the past decade and they looked to make it two. They were both the number one seeds in their divisions which marked it the first time this has happened since Super Bowl LII.


Each team needs to do their part to win the game. For the Eagles this includes stopping Mahomes and getting their offense rolling. Mahomes has had a couple more weeks to recover his ankle and he showed in the AFC Championship it didn’t really bother him. If the Eagles can contain Mahomes and his main target Travis Kelce they are on the right track to victory. If the Eagles can build up offensive momentum against a relatively weak Chiefs defense they can mean business. In order to build this momentum they need to get things started on the ground as the Chiefs rush defense is weaker than their pass. 


The Chiefs need to protect Mahomes and stop a couple of Eagles offensive possessions. Once again Mahomes is the key to the Chiefs offense. If the offensive line can give Mahomes time and if the receivers can get open, the Chiefs can score on every possession. Speaking of scoring on every possession, the Chiefs can not allow that. Their defense needs at least a couple stops to keep them in the game. 


I predict the Chiefs will win. After betting against them in the AFC Championship, I have seen what Mahomes can do. Mahomes did not seem affected by his injury in that game and with even more weeks of rest I do not see it slowing down Mahomes. 


Super Bowl LVII was a nail bitter that went down to the wire. 


Jalen Hurts was unstoppable. He threw for 300 yards and a touchdown, but also rushed for 70 and 3 touchdowns, making him the first QB to rush for 3 touchdowns in a game. Hurts only had one mistake and that was fumbling the ball that resulted in a fumble recovery for the Chiefs and 6 points. 


Mahomes also had himself a great game, completing 21 of 27 passes, 3 touchdowns, and no turnovers. 


Both teams’ offensive line put up a great performance. 


Kadarius Toney, although only touching the ball three times in the game, had a huge impact on the game. He scored a touchdown and had a Super Bowl record 65 yard punt return to put the Chiefs in scoring position. 


During the last minutes of the game, the refs made one controversial call that could have potentially changed the outcome of who would be raising the Lombardi Trophy. Eagles cornerback James Bradberry was called for holding on 3rd and 8 with less than 2 minutes to go in the game. The Chiefs ended up securing the win because of this. 


The Chiefs won 38-38 after Harrison Butker sank a field goal straight through the uprights. This would be the third highest scoring Super Bowl of all time. 


Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl MVP award and raised his second Lombardi Trophy in his young career. 


The end of the Super Bowl marks 207 days until the 2023 Regular season.