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The Eras Tour – A Long Time Coming

Taylor Swift is impacting millions of people with her showstopping world tour. What has made this show so exhilarating to consumers?
Taylor Swift performs her folklore set during the final night of the The Eras Tour’s stop in Los Angeles. She put on six incredible sold out shows at SoFi Stadium this past August. (Wikimedia Commons)

Taylor Swift is quite possibly the biggest star of our generation and those to come. She has performed music since she was just 11 years old, recorded numerous hit songs, and topped countless records. One most notable record being the most number one albums by a woman in history.

Her millions of fans around the world endlessly adore and admire her. Her most recent tour, The Eras Tour, has sold out stadiums across the world and is projected to gross over a billion dollars. 

But why are fans so eager to get their hands on tickets? Some speculate this may be her last tour, which is why she is playing songs from all of her albums. Others are simply just die-hard fans who want the incredible chance of seeing Swift perform live.

However, as the day came for Swifties to purchase their tickets, a glitch on the Ticketmaster website occurred. Fans were locked out of their account and others were booted off the site when trying to checkout. 

This fiasco led to a court case, as fans sued Ticketmaster. According to CNN, the lawsuit alleges Ticketmaster was anti-competitive and imposed higher prices on fans in all sale markets. Once retail tickets were sold out, resellers, also referred to as scalpers, began selling their tickets for thousands of dollars. The Ticketmaster site crashing combined with the high prices upset many fans with hopes of attending this tour.

On a brighter side, those who attended the tour had the time of their lives, as seen through proposals, marriages, and even an earthquake! Yes, incredibly so, Swifties in Seattle managed to create so much noise and movement during the performance of Shake it Off, that they created a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. 

Couples throughout the US became engaged at the concert, mostly to Swift’s “Love Story.” According to Rolling Stone, another couple in Glendale, Arizona had plans to elope before the concert, but decided on something even better, as they tied the knot by reading their vows and exchanging rings during one of Swift’s costume changes.

Not only is The Eras Tour impacting millions of fans, but it’s also raising commercial activity and the economy of the cities she visits. Swifties from all over the world are even traveling to the cities where Swift is performing just to see her live. 

According to Time Magazine, The Eras Tour is projected to generate close to $5 billion in consumer spending in the United States alone. In Chicago, a record was set for occupied hotel rooms the weekend of Swift’s three sold out shows at Soldier Field. 

CBS News also reports that 44,000 hotel rooms were occupied and $39 million dollars was generated just in hotel revenue, which is 5.4% more than the same period last year.

“Attending the tour was so much fun, and the atmosphere was so incredibly energetic. My favorite performance was either ‘Cruel Summer’ or ‘Ready for It?’. I’ll never forget my experience and I would absolutely go again if given the opportunity,” said Caroline Curtis ‘27.

“The environment of The Eras Tour was like no other. The fans were so friendly and kind, as we all traded friendship bracelets, complimented each other’s outfits, and talked about our favorite songs. Taylor’s stage presence was outstanding and magnificent. Most people only pay attention to Taylor, but the dancers were so great as well! Most of all, I loved how there was a different theme and transition for every era,” said Emmer Doyle ‘27.

While Swift may be selling out stadiums and breaking records on tour, she will also be giving fans who weren’t able to get tickets an opportunity to watch her Eras Tour performance. 

Beginning October 13th, “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” will be in theaters for everyone to watch. This is not only an inexpensive way for unlucky Swifties to see her perform, but also a great way for fans to relive the experience. 

That’s not the only way Swift has displayed her generosity to those who admire her. Throughout this tour, Swift and her team have been working incredibly hard, including her dancers and security. Some of the most important and underlooked contributors to her tour are the truck drivers, who transport wardrobes, equipment, and stage pieces.

As a token of her immense gratitude, Swift rewarded each of her fifty truck drivers $100,000, as well as $500,000 divided between her other crew members. This genuine act of kindness displayed her genuine care and appreciation of those working to make this tour possible.

The Eras Tour has been wildly successful and will continue to grow and gain popularity in other countries until November of 2024. Swifties everywhere will never be ‘Ready for It’ to end, as they will ‘Forever and Always’ remember the Eras Tour and its wonderful impact. 

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