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Frosh Box Social

The Notre Dame tradition of Frosh Box, an event for freshmen to get to know their classmates, has been hosted for many years. What was this year’s event like?
Kaya Kirtman
ASB quizzed the freshman on Notre Dame history towards the end of the night.

The Frosh Box Social is an opportunity you only get once as a Notre Dame student. Upon entering your freshman year, the event is hosted by Senior ASB to get to know your classmates better.  This year’s social created memories and bonds that will continue to last and remain important to us as we get older. It even helped us make new bonds and strengthen old ones. 

The Frosh Box event is a dance/social that was created for freshmen to get to know one another better. This year’s carnival theme featured themed games, food, and outfits. 

This occasion marks one of the first big events that freshmen will experience here in their time at NDHS. It brings people together who never even thought they would talk to one another, let alone be friends. “The Frosh Box is so important as it’s the first event of the school year for freshmen to meet each other and get involved with the school spirit at Notre Dame,” says ASB President, Arman Najmabadi ‘24.

“Firstly, we had to plan the actual theme and think about what exactly would be fun and appealing for the Class of 2027. We then had to plan the actual games, food, and decorations. All of our planning was so worth it and we always encourage all freshmen to attend,” said Alexa Norton ‘24.

After being in school for a few weeks, the Frosh Box Social took place on the evening of September 9. We were first organized into groups to have dinner with them. We talked about how school has been so far, what we’re planning to be involved in, and what classes were enrolled in. After everyone ate, we were dismissed to go participate in the carnival games. We then turned in our cards to have the chance to win a 20-dollar gift card. 

“I enjoyed hanging out with all my friends and the carnival snacks the most. The event didn’t entirely live up to my expectations, but it was really nice to get to know everyone better,” said Sophia Joerg ‘27.
As the night progressed, people gravitated into the middle of the quad as the music blared. Everyone danced together and had a blast, which was the perfect way to end such a fun night.

“A lot of people typically attend, although the current seniors didn’t have a frosh box and instead a Sophomore Social. Despite that, almost the entire grade went and that’s where people really meet the majority of their friends,” said Victoria Valdez ‘24.

The Frosh Box represents so much more than just a social event. It bonded the freshman class and connected so many people who didn’t know each other before. It’s a memory that we will carry and encourage next year’s freshman class to attend. 

This tradition is honestly one of Notre Dame’s best kept, as it’s so easy for freshmen to get caught up and assimilate with friend groups and never reach out to the other people in their class. It’s definitely helpful for the class to have a night to spend with and get to know each other.

 This was such a special experience for the Class of 2027 and everyone’s efforts that went into planning did not go unnoticed. Thanks for the memories and see you next year, Frosh Box!

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About the Contributor
Sophia Kruger
Sophia Kruger, Freshman Editor

Sophia Kruger is a member of the Class of ‘27. She is a new staff member of the Knight Magazine and the Knight Online was recently promoted to the position of Freshman Editor. She loves to run, travel, and spend time with her family and friends. Sophia has a great passion for writing and is very happy to be a member of the ND Journalism program.