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Recap on College Visits: UCLA and USC

In case you weren’t able to attend these visits, here’s a recap of what you may have missed.
Corey Seeman
UCLA’s Powell Library, one of the oldest buildings on the campus today.

Recently, UCLA and USC came to visit Notre Dame. Both of these events were packed with juniors and seniors looking to get more information about the colleges. In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s a recap of the information you missed. 

UCLA is the number 1 public university in the US. It is located in Los Angeles, near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, and Westwood Village. The college is home to humanities, physical studies, and life and social sciences. For those who have bright ideas and wish to put them to life, UCLA offers 1 billion dollars a year in research funding. There are over 1000 clubs on campus, and over 125 majors to choose from. If you wish to minor in a subject, UCLA has over 90 minors. Although it is a very big campus, 2 out of 3 classes usually have less than 30 students. As for sports, UCLA was the first to the 121 NCAA championships. They offer 11 varsity sport programs for men, and 14 for women. If you wish to live on campus, the college guarantees 4 years of housing. The current price for tuition and fees for UCLA is $38,517 for California residents (those who live on campus), and $71,091 for nonresidents (also those who live on campus. For those who commute to the school and live at home, the price is $31,049 (CA residents) and $63,623 (nonresidents).

USC is also located in Los Angeles. It is a decently sized school, with around 49,500 students. Their student to teacher ratio is 9:1. The campus is extremely safe, with closing hours at 9pm. If a student comes back to campus later than 9pm, they must show their school ID to the guard stationed. Like UCLA, USC has a top tier research institution. They also have over 1000 clubs, 190 minors, and 128 majors. USC is most known for their football team, which has been voted National Champions 11 times. They are also ranked 3rd in the NCAA Championships. USC grants guaranteed housing for freshmen and sophomores. Tuition is currently $90,921 per year for California residents and non residents. 

USC’s mascot, the trojan, stands proudly by the school’s campus. (Ken Lund)
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