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Chanel Miller

This image released by CBS shows Chanel Miller during an interview on “60 Minutes”. This was the interview in which she revealed her identity for the first time.

For the memoir unit of AP English Language, students had the option of reading Know My Name, by Chanel Miller. The memoir recounts her experience of being sexually assaulted on the Stanford campus, and the subsequent trial and media attention.

Before Know My Name was published, Miller remained anonymous throughout the trial, known to the public as Emily Doe; but that didn’t save her from scrutiny and victim-blaming from media outlets and people on the internet. Even though they knew nothing about her experience, many sided with the young athlete who had a bright future ahead of him.

But, Miller recognizes that she had immense support from thousands of women who endured experiences similar to hers, giving her the strength and courage to write her viral victim impact statement and read it at her assaulter’s sentencing.

Since identifying herself, Miller has become a New York Times bestselling author and a champion for sexual assault survivors. Her memoir has given other survivors someone to relate to, as well as a sense of community, something incredibly important when you’re in a situation as isolating as sexual assault.

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