ND’s New Parking Structure


David Crane

A snapshot of the progress of ND’s new parking structure

Rachel Kim

On March 28th, 2019, the Los Angeles City Planning Commision permitted Notre Dame High School to launch a $25 million renovation project. The first phase of the project includes a 183 spot parking structure along Riverside Drive. With a height of 35 feet, the $7 million three-tier parking structure is expected to be completed by October. 

According to dailynews.com, former Notre Dame High School President Brett Lowart stated, “We’re really excited about the prospects of modernizing our campus.” He also added, “The money is going to be raised from our community, obviously, over a number of years.”

The new parking structure will be named in honor of the Arons family, long-time supporters of ND. According to ndhs.org, “The long-standing relationship between the Arons family and Notre Dame begins with Bert Arons, who is a 1953 alumnus. The children of Bert and his late wife Ruth attended Notre Dame – Tony ‘84, Alison ‘86, and Andrea ‘91. Grandchildren Tyler ‘15, Griffin ‘16, Luke ‘18, and Paige ‘20 followed as ND graduates, along with current students Carson ‘21, Avery ’23, and Benjamin ‘24, with younger children Brooklyn and Hudson still looking forward to high school.” In addition to the parking structure, the Arons family have also funded two scholarship programs, the Arons Family Scholarship and the Ruth M. Arons Scholarship.

Notre Dame currently leases off-campus space for student parking across the street at the Westfield shopping center on Woodman Avenue. As students parked off campus to cross the busy intersection to enter campus in previous years, parents, students, and faculty have expressed concerns about their safety. However with the new parking structure being on campus, it would not only provide more security, but also benefit neighbors from fewer ND students parking on their streets.

Kate Finn ’21 stated, “I hope the new parking structure takes the stress off of some kids who rush to school in the morning to find a parking spot on the street.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when the new parking structure is completed by October, it will remain empty until students and faculty return on campus for their hybrid classes.