Catching Up With the Trends

What are the trends going on right now?


Julia Morgan, Knight Online Staffer/Arches Yearbook Section Editor

Being stuck at home has left people with a lot of time to be bored. Instead of doing our homework, we often find ourselves scrolling through tik tok for hours trying to keep up with the newest dances and trends. 

An example of a trend that has become very popular is popular creators living together to creator “content houses”.  There’s the “Hype House”, the “Sway House”, the “house no one asked for”, the “clout house,” and the “clubhouse.” These are just a few of the content houses in LA filled with creators who live together. However, not all trends are good and it is not clear that these content houses are taking proper precautions of social distancing and following CDC guidelines, which has allowed some teens to get into major trouble. Instead of looking up to these creators, we should learn from their mistakes. 

The biggest dance trend of this fall was, of course, the “WAP dance,” which is a dance created by Tik Toker Brian Esperon, to the popular song “WAP” by Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion. The song and dance instantly went viral and practically everybody knew how to do it. Get your wands out because Harry Potter is back and better than ever, so much so that it has its own side of Tik Tok and there’s even a whole Draco Malfoy side of tik tok. On Harry Potter Tik Tok, people try to guess each other’s houses, some show what the characters would wear in 2020, and some create small videos where they incorporate themselves into the lives of the characters.

Alyssa Dejdumrongwood ‘22 said that her favorite tik toker right now is @siennamae because “she is super confident in her body and started a trend that promotes a lot of body positivity. I think that’s a really good thing on a platform like Tik Tok where girls are constantly comparing themselves to other girls.”

As far as fashion trends, the early 2000s seem to be making a huge comeback. Bright colored tank tops with mini skirts, vibrant makeup, and little shoulder purses are very in right now. As well as tennis skirts and patterned sweaters and sweater vests. 

Lastly, I cannot ignore the biggest trend of 2020, which is one that we all partake in daily. This trend, of course, masks. While masks started out as merely a safety precaution they have quickly become completely normal and a part of our daily routines. People have started getting masks that match their outfits, ones with the names of their favorite artists, or ones with fun prints and quips. 

A prime example of mask fashion would be Billie Eilish. More specifically, the outfit she wore to the Grammys earlier this year. She wore a matching Gucci set that even had a matching Gucci mask. Although we don’t all have designer masks to go with our outfits, we can still coordinate and make it our own. 

Just because we are being safe, doesn’t mean we have to forfeit our personal style. However, we need to be careful that the masks we wear, although they may be cute, are actually keeping us safe and not just seen as an accessory. This Los Angeles Times article gives you 31 great masks that are cute and also safe.