Who is the Imposter?

An Overview of the Most Popular Video Game of Fall 2020

Who is the Imposter?

If you need something to play while stuck at home bored during quarantine, Among Us is the perfect game to pass time. 

Among Us is a free game on the iPhone app store and $5 on a PC available on steam. When you first log on, there is a button where you can watch a tutorial on how to play, or in order to understand the logistics, there are various youtube videos of people playing and explaining the game.

Each person is either an impostor or a crewmate. There are usually 10 players in a game, with 1-3 impostors. The goal of Among Us is for the impostors to kill all the crewmates without people finding out who they are, and for the crewmates to figure out which players are the impostors. Each crewmate has a set of tasks they must complete, while imposters are given “fake tasks” to blend in. While they are walking around the map doing their tasks, cremates are to watch out for suspicious activity from other players or for dead bodies. If a player sees a dead body, they report it and the other members in the chat try to find clues as to who killed them. Meanwhile, the impostor(s) try to blend in with the rest of the crewmates and try to divert any suspicion off of them and onto other players.

The game recently blew up and became the center of many memes, TikTok’s, and more; however, it first came out two years ago. So, why did Among Us suddenly become popular? According to the Breeze, the game became so popular due to the social aspect. Friend groups can have private games or join the same game using the game code. There is also a chat where you can talk to the other players. Unlike other video games for the iPhone, you are actually talking to your friends or strangers and playing with them, which adds an element of social interactions while we are in the middle of a pandemic. The game has been compared to “Mafia”, but, unlike Mafia, players who have died get their own chat and are able to watch the rest of the players continue the game. 

Alyssa Dejumrongwood ‘22 says “I love playing among us it is so much fun to play with friends and my favorite part of the game is being the Imposter.” 

When Among Us first came out two years ago, people had to play it in the same room. This was unpopular because it was easier to read people’s body language and see people’s emotions when right next to them. Now, however, people can play virtually with anyone in the world. 

Additionally, according to GameCrate, “aside from the fact that quarantine forced us to play Among Us in its genuinely best form, the power of Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities also helped elevate it into popularity. It’s kind of like a big crossover TV show. We’ve seen fighting game YouTubers play with popular personalities like Jack Septiceye, play with former Hearthstone streamers, play with digital artists, play with comedians, etc.”

Since this game blew up, it has gained a lot of positive feedback from both kids and adults. In October, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar played on Twitch with some YouTube gamers in order to get people to vote. 

Although it may seem gruesome, Among Us is mostly a PG game. The animation does not look realistic, and it is much less intense than many violent video games on the market. The only thing you should watch out for is the chat function, where people may say inappropriate phrases or words. However, Common Sense Media gave the game a 10+ age rating, and the chat can also be censored based on your preference.  

Overall, Among Us is a comedically suspenseful game that you can play with family, friends, or even alone. We highly recommend you download it, and try it out!

Players complete tasks and work together to find the imposters.