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A large number of council members attended the African American Heritage Celebration in Los Angeles City Hall in 2015.

What Did She Say?

Catherine Necessary, Managing Editor
Last updated December 1, 2022
President Biden sits among the IRA supporters after signing it into law.

Building A Brighter Future

Catherine Necessary, Managing Editor
Last updated September 29, 2022
I can roll off the names of Laci Peterson, Chandra Levy, Natalee Holloway, Caylee Anthony, Gabby Petito, and not one person can roll off a missing Black or brown male or female that has garnered mainstream media [attention], said Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation.

And Justice for All?

Julia Morgan
Last updated November 5, 2021
46th President? Now what?

46th President? Now what?

Rachel Kim and Paige Ganim
Last updated February 8, 2021
Joe Biden speaking at the Queen Theater in Delaware on January 6th.

Does this Reflect America?

Kalea Doryon, Co-Editor
Last updated February 5, 2021
AOC poses for Vanity Fair. photo by: Tyler Mitchell

AOC: Gen Z’s Political Avatar

Paige Ganim, Co-editor
Last updated November 19, 2020
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